Why am I doing this blog? other than my passion for food, health and well-being I want to share with the world what worked for me.

I am no qualified nutrition or dietitian (I am a qualified nutrition therapist now!) this is just to help other people with their health and well-being journey. I want to share with the world what works for me and hopefully help those who are still struggling to find what works for them 🙂

I am a huge believer that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! For me eating healthy is a must I can barely function without it, one thing for sure is that I feel drained and exhausted once I do not feed my body the good stuff!

I am also not a huge fan of doctors when it comes to losing weight, eating healthy, and acne – in case that is not obvious by now (read My Story). Many people don’t know that doctors are not educated when it comes to nutrition – well definitely not all of them! I believe that every single one of us has a different code when it comes to eating healthy! No one single diet will work out for everyone.

People need to realise that everyone’s body is different and what helped Angelina Jolie lose 10 pounds might not necessarily work for another. People need to experiment with their own body and see what work for them not their idol or friend.

What I will share here with you is not the solution for everyone, these are things which worked from me and it might help you, it might help your daughter but please do only follow if you noticed it had a positive impact on your body 🙂

I do hope you find the information in here somehow useful. If you do, please do share, comment and follow my blog so I can produce more content! Any questions and suggestions are also encouraged. :)

Lots of Love,

Arwa X

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