So I am not sure how everyone here cleans their make-up brushes – well first let’s hope you do! 🙂 or maybe you just decide it’s time for a new ones?

Well I’ll show you an easy method that will save you money on buying cleaning solutions specifically for make-up brushes and even stop you from having to buy a new one every few months – if that’s you.

Cleaning your make brushes once every week or 2 is extremely important even if you don’t not use them regularly. Imagine all the traces of make-up was on your face instead, would you want it to be there for more than a day!?

Cleaning your brushes regularly will also help maintain a clear skin and prevent bacteria growing on your brushes. Eww!

Anyway, I will share with you a trick my older sister shared with me few years ago and seriously all you need is 2 ingredients, which you’ll probably have in your kitchen right now – Olive Oil and Washing Liquid!


Yes that’s all you need 🙂

  • In a bowl pour some Olive Oil and Washing liquid
  • Soak and swirl each brush into the bowl and let it drink some of that goodness!
  • Then rinse your brush with water – make sure it’s not hot or boiling water!
  • Repeat the process for each brush until all brushes are super clean
  • & that’s it you’re done – let them fully dry before you use them again – perhaps do this at before bed, to dry overnight.


Some tips:

  1. When you rinse your brush with water swirl it on the palm of your hand to make sure it’s super clean before you dry them.
  2. Careful not to pull or be harsh with your brushes as it may ruin them
  3. And never use hot water! You’ll definitely be buying some new ones then.





Well hope you all found this useful, please try it and let me know how you found it & share this trick with your girlfriends.

“The More we Share the More we Have” 🙂

& Hope you enjoy the rest of your day X

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