Morning my beautiful people, like I promised yesterday (where I shared my 1st tip), in today’s post I will share with you what helped me with my acne and cured my migraines!

Here is my 2nd tip..

2. Quitting coffee

In my second year at university, I decided to go on a detox! It consisted of green smoothies for 2 weeks! I was VERY motivated,  after my sister pointed out how terrible my acne skin was! Anyways, I cut the 3-5 cups of coffees I was having on daily bases and made green smoothies for 2 weeks! I also had a lot of almonds and dried fruits to keep me going (which is probably why I lost no weight) but I did not have meat, coffee or dairy!

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My Skin when I use to Drink coffe
My Skin when I use to Drink coffee

Anyways results, of that experiment was my decision to cut coffee for good! Why?

  1. Well, for starter my migraines were GONE! In fact, prior to that I never realised I had migraines, it was a normal thing to me since I had migraines everyday, but after cutting coffee for 2 weeks I was migraine free! Of course I had the withdrawal symptoms and the worst headache for the first two days of my detox but following my detox and whenever I drank coffee again – MY MIGRAINE KICKS IN!!! I realised that it was the coffee that caused my migraines! It’s SOO weird, since I sometimes still have energy drinks, but something about drinking coffee gave me migraines! Haven’t figured it out yet, but I suspect it’s the chemicals from all that processing gets to me! Maybe if I try 100% ground coffee or organic ones I won’t get the migraines but I haven’t tried that and here is why…
  2. I realised coffee was just a placebo! I think we all know it, but we like to think that this magic cuppa in the morning will keep us going all day! but really if you think about it and listen to your body closely, you will realise that it gives you that burst of energy for the 1st hour or so and then drains you even more when it wares off, which makes you reach out for that 2nd cuppa! ~ (in another post I will share with how I make sure I have energy all day long reaching for coffee or energy drinks!) 🙂
  3. Cutting coffee, cleared my skin! Yes it could be all that green veges I was blending and drinking, but seriously, after my detox my skin cleared out of pimples and I was just left with scares which I had to work with! (I will also share with you my no.1 cream which helped me to get rid of my scars!!!)
November 2014 - skin better than ever!
November 2014 – skin better than ever!

I am aware that coffee has its benefits too and trust me, I would be drinking it daily (depite staining my teeth) if I didn’t notice the link between coffee and my migraine and acne! This is something I discovered after years of drinking coffee and thought I would share with everyone here, and hope it may help at least 1 person find their cure!

In tomorrow’s post I will share with you my 3rd tip, which was a big aha moment! After a year of eating super healthy and years after cutting gluten, I still suffered from bloating and constipation every now and then & for some reason fruits made me constipated! But why? aren’t fruits good for you? I didn’t get it!! well guess what its not the fruits is something else! Check my next post tomorrow to find out what it is 🙂

Hope you guys liked today’s post & I hope the before and after pictures inspireyou! 🙂

Thank you for reading and hope you come back tomorrow! X

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