Morning my beautiful people, like I promised yesterday (where I shared my 2nd health tip), in today’s post I will share with you what helped me with my on and off bloating! why was I getting bloated after eating fruits?! What was I doing wrong?! Make sure you have pen & paper, you’re going to want to write few things down 🙂

3. Proper Food Combination

So after a year or 2 of healthy eating and along with applying my 1st two tips, I still wasn’t feeling 100% great!!

I won’t lie, I was still suffering from constipation every now and then and sometimes had skin breakouts (which I handled by detoxing with green smoothies)… until one day I came across “Proper Food Combining”!!!

Everything I learnt about food until then was pretty much WRONG!! Yes I was eating healthy food, at least 5 of my fruits and veges daily, I was drinking A LOT of water, I cut down on the sugar and junk foods, I limited my animal products intake but I didn’t realise that the order I was eating my foods was the reason why I was still feeling drained, constipated and sometimes bloated.

Basically if you do not eat the foods in the right order, all the nutrients and goodness is actually not getting absorbed.

Hence why so many people are overfed but undernourished!!

So for instance, one small thing I did which tremendously helped with my constipation and bloating, was eating fruits ONLY ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!

Thus having that bowl of fruits after my meals (what I classed as dessert) was a NO, NO cause all it did was just sit on top of that food I had for dinner and FERMENT!!! Ewwww

Have you ever had fruits and felt gassy, bloated and wondered what the hell?! “I can’t be sensitive to fruits” well I’ll tell you now it is not the fruits it’s the order and timing you had the fruits.

Note the below points and how long it takes each to break down

  • Water 0-10mins
  • Juices 15-30mins
  • Fruits 30-60mins
  • Starches and vege 1-2hrs
  • Vege and proteins 2-3hours
  • Animal flesh & fish 3-4hrs
  • Shellfish 4-8 hours

So if you have fruits after starches or meat, after or between the time it takes to break down the starches and meat down, the fruit will just sit on top of it and FERMENT! & that’s the reason why you feel bloated, gassy, constipated.

This is just a brief intro about “Proper Food Combination” you can read about it online but I will also post another post soon about “Proper Food Combination” so keep an eye on my blog! 🙂

In tomorrow’s post I will share with you my 4th tip which has many benefits: reduced oxidative stress, reduced inflammation and a reduction in blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Have a great day everyone X

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  1. That’s so interesting! Also I read we should eat fruit at room temperature as if we were picking it from the tree that morning, wish we could do that more in the UK! 🙂

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