Morning everyone! Today I will be sharing with you my 4th health tip which I’ve been doing for the past month! This is not a permanent lifestyle, its just something I experimented with recently and found it helpful to eliminate waste, lose some weight, avoid food coma and save time & money!

4. Intermittent fasting

Ok, please do not be put off by the word “fasting”!!! This method is not for everyone but the past month or two this is what I have been doing and I lost 5kgs! But that’s not all, I actually have more energy, I go to the toilet for a nice poop AT LEAST once every day! (You guys seriously don’t realise how important this is for me – it’s been my goal for at least the past 5 years!!!!) and I don’t have to worry about feeling sleepy after eating food (aka Food Coma).

I will tell you now this is not for everyone, but since I have digestive issues, suffered from constant fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! I was crazy enough to try it and worked wonders!

You can read more about it online and do the research but In brief, the goal is to fast for 12-16hrs each day! This could be from the moment you go to bed (say 11pm) till the next day (11am). You can gradually build up if you’re not used to skipping breakfast.

** One tip I would give, is to NOT eat breakfast right away once you get up! Fast for 3-4 hours in the morning and drink a lot of water. I know this goes against the old tip of “making sure you have breakfast everyday in order to avoid overeating” but honestly when I skip breakfast and drink a lot of water first thing in the morning, this allows my digestive system to rest and I find myself going to the toilet twice not once (in the morning) to flush all that waste from yesterday’s food! I fell in love with intermittent fasting because it taught me not to go by the rules and listen to my body instead and the importance of making sure your digestive system has a rest in order to eliminate all the toxins.

Like I said, this might not be for everyone, if you don’t suffer from constipation and fatigue like me this might not be something you want to try but let me tell you the other benefits of intermittent fasting which may encourage you to try it for at least a day! :

  • Increased Fatty Acid Oxidation (Body burns more fat as energy, leading to fast weight loss)
  • Increased Cell Resistance (Slowed down ageing process, improved immunity)
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity (Less fluctuation in blood sugar levels, more constant energy & mood levels)
  • Reduced Cortisol Production (Lower stress levels)
  • Reduced Inflammation (Faster body healing, repair, and recovery)
  • Reduced Cancer Cells Proliferation Rate (Reduced incidence of several types of cancer)
  • Reduced Cognitive Decline for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease
  • Reduced Incidence of Heart Disease

I came across this while reading Phil Drolet blog! & he sells it very well so read his full post which explains why, how and the benefits of intermittent fasting:


Tomorrow I will be sharing with you my 5th and last health tip which I only found about only few months ago through a friend. Its the best intervention ever and I wish I knew about it earlier! It cleans up the colon and induces bowel movements, leaving you feeling cleaner, lighter, and healthier almost immediately!

I hope you all found this post interesting and useful! 🙂


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