Morning my Beautiful people, in today’s post I’ll reveal my 5th and final health tip I have for you.

So what is it?

5. Enema Kit ! 

I bet you hate me by now! :’)

Ok let me tell you what this is if you don’ know!! Have you ever heard of Colonic irrigation therapy?! If not, look it up!

If yes, well you can do this at home at your own comfort for as cheap as £8!

My friend recommended this to me few months ago, and it took me another month after buying it to have the courage to use it but I did and wow, I am just amazed! I wish such things were more known to people, recommended by doctors and talked about at least!!

I’ve been using this less and less now, since I got the hang of the other 4 previous tips I shared with you (GF, quitting coffee, proper food combining and intermittent fasting) but basically I use this when I am feeling bloated (usually around time of the month) or when I’ve been very naughty and have overindulgent in junk food! It basically cleanses your colon, eliminates toxins and helps regulate your gut – perhaps after you ate that bowl of fruits after dinner! 😉

The benefits:

  • Beneficial for colon cleansing.
  • Beneficial for weight loss support.
  • Beneficial for constipation.
  • Beneficial for elimination of accumulated fat, waste, toxins and parasites.
  • Beneficial for fermentation and putrefaction in the gut.

This is just an introduction and me introducing you to enema and that such thing exist! In another post I will share with you more about this magic kit and how I use it, why, is it safe, where to buy one from etc.

And here you have it, my top 5 health tips I have for anyone out there who may suffer with digestive problems, acne, migraines, IBS and CFS!

I am a living proof that with the right food (in the right order) you could possibly cure whatever illness you have (especially the ones doctor are still figuring out and don’t know the root cause of!). I am not saying healthy food is the cure for cancer, but I do believe it does help! Check out Kris Carr’s story! It is soooo inspiring 🙂

I do truly believe in the power of eating clean and I hope that what I shared here would at least help or inspire one reader in their health journey!

Have a great day everyone X

P.S. Check out My Transformation Page, where I shared how both my body and skin have improved over the past few years!

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