Hi everyone! I promised you in an earlier post to share with you my no.1 MIRACLE cream which helped and pretty much cleared all my acne scars – check out “My Transformation Page” if you have not, where I shared how my skin & body has changed the past few years!
I luckily came across this cream when I was considering having a “microdermabrasion chemical peel” facial years ago to help with my acne and scars. However I was worried it would go terribly wrong and I would be let with scarred face for life!
Anyways around the same time the skin care brand Philosophy came with the gentle home chemical peel product, but even with that I was still unsure whether to test it on my super sensitive skin or not. Luckily my sister (who is an aesthetician) was with me and she noticed a gentle retinol night cream (Help Me also by Philosophy) which she thought would be much suitable for me to start with at least.
This is the cream I am talking about “HELP ME” by Philosophy!!! & It is honestly worth the price of £38.50
Help Me by Philosophy
Help Me by Philosophy
This cream is to be applied before bed and the reason for that is because it has retinol, which makes your skin super sensitive and would therefore be better applied in the evening then daytime.
The cream claims that “you need this product if…you have deeply clogged pores…you want the ultimate multi-tasking product that will clear pores, even pigment, and reduce fine lines…you want the benefits of a vitamin a product without the peeling…you seek something more gentle than retin-a…you want a deep cleansing facial while you sleep”.
I personally love LOVE this cream, I believe it significantly improved my acne scars, even out my skin tone and renewed my skin as the retinol (key ingredient) provides a deep cleanse overnight! I also read online that this cream was the winner of Allure magazine’s editor’s choice “Best of Beauty” award for best antiaging treatment helps keep pores clean and minimized, reduces wrinkles and discoloration, and boosts tone and firmness – BONUS FOR ME!


Research found that in an 8-week independent clinical study, clinician grading showed:
– 100% of subjects had improvement in fine lines
– 100% had smoother skin
– 94% had improvement in wrinkles
– 88% had firmer skin

& here you have it my no. 1 cream and what helped me with my skin along my diet.

Acne days .. (2012)
Acne days .. (2012)
Taken 2013
Taken 2013

Hope you found this post helpful! X

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