Morning everyone yesterday I posted about “Proper Food Combining” and promised that I’ll share about fruits combination in another post…

Although it is best to eat mono-fruit meals it is always nice to mix some fruits for a fruit salad and know what is easy for digestion when you make your own juices and smoothies 🙂

So here it, I’ll try and keep this post short and simple!

Fruits are divided into 4 sections:

Raw Fruit Combining Chart
Raw Fruit Combining Chart
  1. Melons, watermelons, and other kind of melons! Are best eaten alone first thing in the morning + can be combined with leafy green and acid fruits
  2. Acid fruits: all types of berries, grapefruit, tomato, kiwi & pineapple. They can be combines with leafy green + melon + sub-acid fruits
  3. Sub-acid fruits: apple, pears, mangos, blueberries (can be combined with sub-acid/acid fruit) + papaya (same as blueberries) & presimans (if not two sweet/ ripe) can also be combined with sweet & acid fruits & leafy greens
  4. Sweet fruits: banana, sweet presimans & papaya, dates & combined with sub-acid fruits and leafy greens.

FATS! = Avocado = mix well with acid fruits not sweet fruits & kinda ok with sub-acid fruits. Other fats are seeds & nuts (avocado & lime is good Combo!)

And here you have it, again I found this interesting and explains why I sometimes feel gassy and bloated after fruits! Is not the fruit itself that causes these symptoms but the way and time I eat these fruits 🙂

Proper Food Combining
Proper Food Combining

I hope you guys found this informative

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