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5 Ingredient Paleo break (AKA high protein)


Firstly, I would like to say that this recipe is not vegan friendly! Sorry to those who are vegans but this was the 1st paleo bread I experimented with & loved how simple (few ingredients) it is, which is the main reason I made it & its high protein content of course! 

But I promise you I will work on that high protein vegan friendly version & post about it soon!

Back to my recipe and how you can make it… firstly did I mention you only need FIVE ingredients to make this low carb, high protein, guilt free bread! For all the bread lovers out there, this is for especially for you, now you can enjoy bread without the guilt 😉

High Protein Paleo Bread

Okay so here are the ingredients you will need:



Hope you guys love and enjoy this recipe, if you love eggs you’ll love this! 🙂

Yum ..
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