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Green Smoothie


Morning everyone 🙂

Was anyone else was over indulging New Year’s Eve beside me!?!

Well even if you didn’t you will love this green smoothie… I usually break my fast with a smoothie (aka breakfast) to help me flush those toxins and get that AMAZING SKIN! If you asked me what is the best product for a glowy clear skin, my answer will be WHOLE FOOD, greens, natural food!

Green Smoothie

I personally find spinach and mushrooms do wonders for my skin, and just generally whenever I eat “healthy” (whole natural foods & limit my sugar intake). Sometimes I just add a green smoothies my diet every day for a week and I see a difference in my skin and energy levels 🙂

Best thing have it on an empty stomach when you wake up (or few hours later if you fast in the morning like me!) so your body absorbs all the nutrients & PLEASE avoid having it with a meal and/or after a meal – fruits are best eaten on an empty stomach as they take the least amount of time to digest. Having them after a meal will only cause bloating, gas and constipations. Check out my 2 other blogs post where I talk about “Proper Food Combination” (1st post , 2nd post) and explain what you should and should avoid combining!

Anyways back to the reason I am post, here is my simple green smoothie recipe for you…

Love your greens..

What you will need:

** Sometimes I am naughty & add juice to the mix to make sweeter! (Don’t judge me!)


Love your greens..
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