Hi everyone, in today’s post I will share with you some tips I’ve learnt to help you fast effortlessly & forget about food throughout your morning/day…

If you haven’t read my 2 previous blog posts regarding intermittent fasting, why I do it & the benefits please read them to give you an idea about what I am doing right now & how I lost some fat:

In short Intermittent fasting (IF) is the best thing I have ever came across, if you’re like me and you hate “dieting”, hate having to track your calories and/or macros, hate having to say no to your favourite foods then you’re in the right blog to help you:

  • & BURN FAT! (this is just some of the benefits of intermittent fasting – more “here”)

Anyway’s lets just dive into the objective of this post and let me share those tricks which will make your fast effortless 😉

  1. Forget about the eating window, it is restrictive and unnecessary, SERIOUSLY! Instead, simply focus on pushing your first meal 4-8 hours after rising. You don’t need to break your fast or end your fast the same time each day. That is extremely restrictive. The only rule here is to simply just push your first meal – EASY?! 🙂
  2. Don’t think about fasting. Just go about your day, and understand this is very good for you, and this is what your body is designed to do – before doing IF make sure you are aware of the benefits (check out my previous post “here”) – Just knowing that there are huge benefits & the belief that I won’t binge later at night helps!! 😉
  3. Use black coffee strategically to blunt appetite. Don’t have this as soon as you get up, instead give you digestive system a rest & have it when you get your first signs of hunger! This will increase the appetite suppressing effects. Also, I recommend only using caffeine during the fasted state and at no other time, this will ensure your body maintains a sensitivity to caffeine.  (I personally don’t use this tip as coffee gives me bad skin & I am not fan of black coffee! instead I will have flavoured tea) REMEMBER: no sugar or cream! Otherwise you have broken your fast!
  4. Still hungry? eat 1-2 pieces of fruit. The first sign of hunger, typically, is a depletion in liver glycogen. So if you break your fast with some fruit, you can stave off hunger for a couple more hours, with only 80-160 calories. Pushing your first meal later, will make dieting easier! Also you are better off having fruits on an empty stomach – if you want to find out why? click here “Food combining”
  5. When its time to eat, listen to your body. You don’t want to be hungry & not be able to sleep! some people are too strict with their diet when fasting and it only backfires (with a binge!) TRUST ME! Similarly,  don’t use the feeding window to make up for what you didn’t have earlier that day. It doesn’t matter whether you fasted or not!  ***To maintain your weight you need to stick to you TDEE, to lose weight you need to cut on some calories! yes I said you can eat whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean eating 2000 calories more each day – that will only cause you to gain weight!
  6. Eat foods that really fill you up and satisfy you on your calorie intake. For me, this is plenty of veggies, potatoes, eggs, pop chips and sometimes good quality dark chocolate. I do limit my rice, ice cream, crisps & cereal intake cause they personally do NOT fill me up and therefore I will be consuming more than I should. EAT FOOD SOMETHING THAT WILL FILL YOU UP! potatoes are not BAD & will not make you look like one so eat them they ARE SATISFYING! LOL
  7. Instead of eating the protein and carbs together. Fill up on an epic portion of protein/veges, then, 30 minutes to 2 hours later, indulge in a plate of potato wedges or fries. By splitting the meal up, you’ll keep yourself fuller for longer!
  8. & FINALLY You don’t have to have 2-3 conventional meals. You can have one main meal and some smaller snacks. You can be very flexible, with how often you eat as long as you stick to your calorie goals! & It’s okay to eat right before bed, it will not interfere with fat loss at all – trust me on this one! Plus does anyone else here sleep walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night when hungry!?! I DO !! 🙁  hence why I eat before bed 🙂

& here you have it ladies and gents! these are my tips & what you will hear many IF users do to help with their fast 🙂 & remember ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS listen to your body 🙂

Please let me know whether you found this helpful, what would you like next & whether you have any questions?!!

Lots of Love, Arwa X

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