Okay so we all get constipated every now and then & we all know what we need to do EAT MORE FIBRE! But what if that doesn’t work, what if you regularly consume fibre and still constipated every now and then, what if you have IBS like me 🙁 what if you’re just like me and every single day one of your goals is to poop at least once, preferably 1st thing in the morning! (no seriously, it’s not exactly on my to do list, but it is in the back of my head!) #TheStruggleIsReal …

Being constipated is not just annoying and sometimes painful, but it also sucks your energy and leaves you feeling tired and exhausted all day! I hate it when I have them days…

I am sure most of you, if not all know that constipation is often caused by lack of fibre in the diet, but what are some of the other things you can do to RELIEVE constipation when it hits you!?

A healthy bowel movement & what you should generally aim for is:

  • At least 1 bowel movement a day – they say 2-3 times a day is best or after every meal! #GOALS!!!
  • You should have a bowel movement within 20 minutes of waking up – that is before drinking your cup of coffee

P.S. those who have a bowel movement after drinking their coffee are relying on caffeine to stimulate their bowel movement – caffeine is a laxative and will help you to go to the toilet but it is also a dehydrating drink which shouldn’t be relied on heavily.

For years I abused coffee, I use to drink 5 cups a day and now I know why, coffee was what helped me to go to the toilet, it was a relief at that time but now I know it did more damage to my body than good! I didn’t only use to drink 5 cups a day but I use to drink coffee with my meals! WORST THING YOU COULD DO! If you didn’t know drinking coffee/caffeine with your meals makes it difficult for your body to absorb the nutrients at that meal. In other words, all that “healthy food” I was consuming wasn’t healthy, because my body couldn’t absorb any of the nutrients! No wonder my skin, energy levels and bowel movement sucked!


Anyways back to my point, let me share with you my top tips & tricks:

~ Depending on what your body is used to and how severe is your constipation, some of these might work better than others for you – GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  1. I’ll start with the most straight forward one and that’s FIBRE – make sure you are having fibre daily, that is greens, fruits & vegetables, oats, linseeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, beans, etc..
  2. Make sure you are not INTOLERANT to anything you are eating – Most common is dairy & wheat – to check if you are intolerant to anything, cut one thing at a time and see if your body reacts better without it 🙂
  3. As soon as you wake up, drink WATER at least a glass! This should help in your bowel movement & should hopefully get you going!
  4. Drink a glass of warm water and LEMON – try and make this part of your routine & have it every day before having your breakfast
  5. Drink a glass of water with a shot of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (this has to be pure apple cider vinegar – with the “mother” – Bragg is the best brand)
  6. Drink a glass of warm water with COCONUT OIL or even better just have the coconut oil by itself
  7. Give you belly a MASSAGE – focusing of pushing downwards – there are plenty of helpful videos on YouTube just look up constipation massage
  8. Do some YOGA, if you can’t go to a class, no problem, again use Youtube to do a yoga sequence specifically for constipation
  9. Exercise – I LOVE EXERCISING 1ST thing in the morning! I think this is where my gym obsession stems from but honestly working out on an empty stomach does wonders (at least for me) – if you can’t hit the gym early, try working out for 10mins at home first thing in the morning or do some yoga twists at home 🙂
  10. Check out my blog post on FOOD COMBINATION maybe the order you are eating your foods is causing all that blockage! For years I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight, I was eating so much fruits & greens but I was always constipated & bloating 🙁 – I was eating the right foods at the wrong time – Link here (for Food combination) & Fruit Combination!
  11. My latest discovery BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES! – I am going to write a full blog posts about the benefits of blackstrap molasses – but this is AMAZING for constipation, have a tablespoon or mix it with warm water and drink it! This is one of the most underrated ingredients I have come across this summer! (my next post will be all about this magic syrup!)
  12. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day
  13. Make sure you go to the toilet when you have the urge to pass stool – ignoring the urge will only make things worse, so please don’t!
  14. Sip on herbal teas during the day, green tea, peppermint tea and ginger tea work magic – unfortunately I am not a tea person! 🙁 ~WorkingOnIt!
  15. Add spices to your food
  16. Drink prune juice or have some dried prunes (if you have IBS dried fruits might not be suitable but worth a try!)
  17. Have beans, kidney beans, black beans all kinds of beans but don’t overdo it – we all know it’s not sexy! (again, if you have IBS, this might not be suitable for you, personally my body can handle beans, its actually helps a lot, but careful overdoing it!)
  18. Cut some fresh ginger and eat it alone or with honey
  19. Have fermented foods like: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Tempeh, Pickles, kefir
  20. & finally just try and relax! stress is the cause of many diseases & I know this it easier said than done but take some time to look after yourself – this could be as simple as going to bed early that evening.

So here you have it, my top tips to naturally relieve constipation, we can all avoid it by consuming enough fibre, water and working out regularly but sometimes constipation is inevitable which is why I turn to the above list to help me get through it 🙂

Hope you guys found this tips useful, any more comment below – screenshot this & keep it in your phone when the struggle hits you lol!

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