Okay, so if you don’t know what molasses is let me make this short & sweet! Molasses is a viscous by-product of refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. In other words, when sugarcane (the plant) is processed to make white refined sugar, which has not nutritional value whatsoever, blackstrap molasses gets extracted and eliminated.

& guess what? This is the messed up part, Molasses is where all the mineral, vitamins and magic is! If you haven’t came across this ingredient before this will blow your mind!

Molasses has numerous health benefits including, relief from menstruation-related problems, obesity, diabetes, stress, cancer, enlarged prostate, acne and other skin ailments, constipation, headaches and anemia. It helps to improve bone health, electrolyte balance, hair care, sexual health, functioning of the nervous system, and wound healing. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain healthy levels of hemoglobin and aid in the formation of new cells in the body.

There are varieties of molasses, which I won’t discuss here but the health benefits are endless!

I came across molasses when I was suffering with PMS and was looking for a natural way to relief my PMS, & guess what? It works amazingly! You can simply have a spoon of this or mix it with boiling water and drink when it gets warmer 🙂

This stuff is honestly amazing! It also works when I am constipated, it has so many health benefits that we should all just have it on daily basis in replacement of white sugar or maple syrup.

You can have this with your tea, coffee, pancakes, simple just use it as a sweetener instead of sugar or anything else you might use, cause guess what, no other sweetener has the benefits of molasses has offer – well at least so far I haven’t come across anything better! It might take you a while to get use to the taste, especially if you were relying on other refined sweeteners but this isn’t bad at all, its soo sweet just different than what you might been used to 🙂


Anyways back to the health benefits of molasses & why you should swap your sugar with this:

  • Antioxidant Capacity: Research studies have shown that blackstrap molasses contains the highest amount of antioxidants as compared to refined sugar, corn syrup, raw cane sugar and other readily available sweeteners. These antioxidants protect the body against the oxidative damage associated with cancer, cardiovascular disorders and degenerative diseases. This makes it a much better alternative to refined sugar.
  • Menstruation: Molasses is a good source of iron and is very effective for menstruating women who are at major risk of iron deficiency due to blood loss.
  • Obesity: The polyphenols present in molasses have antioxidant effects which may prove effective in reducing obesity and manage weight gain.
  • Better Sexual Health: Blackstrap molasses is rich in the trace mineral manganese, which helps in the healthy production of sex hormones.
  • Constipation: Molasses has been proven to be valuable in treating constipation.
  • Healthy Bones: Black strap molasses is a good source of calcium, which plays an important role in maintaining bone health.
  • Diabetes: Blackstrap molasses helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  • Acne: The health benefits of molasses also include relief from acne. It contains lactic acid, which helps in relieving the symptoms of acne.
  • Healing Touch: Molasses has been used for its wound healing effects in the treatment of wounds and skin burns. It also promotes the healthy growth of tissues.
  • Headache and Fatigue: Blackstrap molasses is a good source of various minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. The deficiency of these vitamins can cause headaches, asthma, fatigue, and stress.
  • Cancer: Apart from several vitamins and minerals, blackstrap molasses also contains selenium, which is beneficial in the treatment of cancer.
  • Hair Care: Molasses extracts are good for hair and they promote healthy hair growth. It softens and conditions the hair, adds a rich texture and prevents it from prematurely greying.

These are some of the benefits & I am sure there are many more 🙂

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