Hi everyone! Today I am going to going the 2nd phase of a woman’s monthly cycle (The Follicular Phase). If you have no clue what the hell am I talking about here, check out my other post on this topic here, LINK first! 🙂 Then check out my other post where I talked about the 1st phase “Menstrual Phase” and then come back to this post. Where I will cover more about the 2nd phase including, body changes, lifestyle changes and what foods you should consume with links to recipes you might want to try in each phase 🙂

So as most of you know the woman’s cycle is 28 day, more or less. Some may have a longer or a shorter one, but each cycle consists of the 4 phases in this order:

  1. The menstrual phase (usually last 3-7 days)
  2. The Follicular Phase (usually last 7-10 days)
  3. The ovulatory Phase (usually last 3-4 days)
  4. The luteal phase (usually lasts 12-16 days)

& then back again to the 1st phase!


So what is the Follicular Phase?

This phase follows just after menstruation. It’s called the Follicular phase because your pituitary gland releases a hormone called Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), which stimulates the follicles in your ovaries to mature. FYI — these follicles contain your eggs.

Additionally, estrogen and testosterone start to rise during this phase. This will bring you a boost of energy, and can often improve your mood and brain function, too.

You may even feel more assertive and willing to take risks. Testosterone stimulates your libido while estrogen makes you feel more extroverted and suppresses your appetite. This is a time when you may feel a wide variety of feelings related to self-sufficiency. That is your best time to start new projects and be physically active. Yay!


Lifestyle changes: Creativity & new beginnings. Save the most challenging assignments this week, feeling out going, upbeat, open to new experiences.

Energy levels: High levels of Energy – Cardio – Try new class perhaps? This is a great time to start a new class. You’ll have the energy and the motivation to take on a different style of workout and give it your all.

Exercise: Strenuous exercise will feel increasingly good during this time too, so get out and enjoy physical activities that you love. Zumba or spin class? 🙂

What should you focus on this week (aka what are your strengths this week): Brainstorming and problem solving will be major strengths during this phase so initiate new projects and make big decisions. Make use of those social superpowers by speaking up and expressing yourself, joining a new social group and scheduling time with friends!

& finally the best part & what I am all about… FOOD!!!



Food: Focus on mainly on Sprouted and Fermented Foods. Mainly lighter foods, you will feel great if you eat according to your body needs’ each phase! So for this phase things like, green smoothies & juices, sauerkraut, sprouts & salads, oats, cashews, mung beans and other more on the table below.


Some of the recipes you can check out for this phase:



& here you have it ladies! Hope you find this post and the linked post above useful & interesting…. This was something completely new to me few months ago but I am so grateful and pleased I came across this – it honestly made life so easier, less and sometimes no PMS at all & I am more appreciative of my body.

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Lots of love, Arwa X

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