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Flourless Matcha cookies


Since my last post was a long one on the benefits of Matcha I decided to dedicate the next recipe using matcha! & just before you dive in deeper, these are not vegan unfortunately! 🙁 I am sorry my vegan followers!



I’ve made these earlier this year and my vegan version was a disaster! I am not saying you can’t make them vegan I just personally haven’t made them yet! 🙁  But if you’re not vegan you will love this one here, even if you’re not a matcha lover! unless you just hate the look of green cookies… (if you don’t want a green looking cookie you can simply just not add matcha powder at all!) but come on now, don’t you just feel healthier having a green one! 😉


Version Without Matcha 


Anyways let’s get into it, these are soooo yummy, easy to make and you only need few basic ingredients. These cookies are flourless, Gluten free & as always simple, easy and really quick to make! & you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen unless you’re vegan!  🙂



So what do you need? Ingredients:






Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe as much as i did I made my 2nd patch the 2nd day since I ate it all & didn’t even take enough photos! to show you the final results…


Non Matcha version 


*** By the way the brownie on the top corner is my vegan flourless gluten free black beans brownie, which i posted months ago here! 🙂


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