Since my last post was about PMS cravings and the reasons behind why we have certain cravings, I thought I would do another post on cravings in general and what are some of my favourite healthy snack substitutes that I buy instead, to help me satisfy my cravings, guilt free & I get to maintain a clean diet! (aka limiting processed food, sugars, gluten free & mostly vegan) !


Okay so let’s start with the one of the most popular cravings & what I have instead:

  1. Whenever I crave SALTY FOOD (usually crisps) I have seaweed crisps which is perfect as it is just as crunchy & EXCELLENT SUBSTITUTES for your Chloride deficiency!




See when you are craving salty food, your body is telling you that it’s missing chloride!


“Chloride is found in table salt or sea salt as sodium chloride. It is also found in many vegetables. Foods with higher amounts of chloride include seaweedrye, tomatoes, lettucecelery, and olives. Chloride, together with potassium, is also found in most foods and is usually the main ingredient of salt substitutes.”


If you are wondering what is the role of Chloride in the body?


“It helps keep the amount of fluid inside and outside of your cells in balance. It also helps maintain proper blood volume, blood pressure, and pH of your body fluids. “


2. Whenever I crave dairy, such as cheese or butter I go for nuts, usually walnuts, chia seeds, tahini or sesame butter!


Chick peas, dates & tahini! weird combo but soooo tasty! 

** My recipe for the above is here – weird combo but so tasty!

Since it’s actually rare I crave cheese or butter & choose not to consume either, whenever I do crave them I like to know the reasons behind it…


& When you are craving dairy particularly cheese you are lacking in either Essential fatty acids & calcium!


Therefore for Essential fatty acids opt for Omega 3’s such as flax oil, ground flaxseed, walnuts, chia seeds… & if you’re not feeling none of these & the thought of nut butters & tahini are more much more tempting then you’re probably calcium deficient (but don’t fall for it & think that its dairy you need, there are plenty sources of calcium that do not involve dairy!)


3. Speaking of dairy if I am feeling ice cream I usually make myself a banana Ice cream using my yonanas machine!! 🙂 All you need is just frozen fruits & this machine makes you a guilt free ice cream out of any frozen fruit!


Banana & frozen cherry ice cream!


4. Whenever I am craving Red meat, (which sometimes happen around that time of the month) I opt for iron rich foods, such as beans, dried fruits like figs, seaweed, and spinach.


Craving meat is an indicator that you’re lacking iron, and yes just having meat in this case might seem like the healthy option for some people but it certainly not the only source of iron & your body does NOT need meat to thrive nor survive!


5. If I am craving carbs in the form of bread & pastries I always try and remind myself of what it actually means! Since this is one of the hardest cravings for me, for some reason I just go out & get gluten free bread…


However, living in Shanghai means not having that option few meters away from me, which made me question what my body actually NEEDS & that is: chromium & Nitrogen!


To make up for Chromium deficiency go for: sweet potato, apples, grapes, tomatoes.


Buckwheat Noodles

***Recipe for the above is here 


To make up Nitrogen deficiency  go for foods containing protein, i.e. leafy greens, nuts, seeds & grains like buckwheat & quinoa.


Quinoa & Sauerkraut Salad

***Recipe for the above here 


6. & finally if I am craving chocolate, honestly I would just go & buy good quality dark chocolate if my cravings are intense & all I feel like eating is chocolate!


Dark Chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants & are rich in fibre, iron, magnesium, copper & manganese & few other minerals.


However remember that craving chocolate is actually a sign that your body is lacking magnesium, so if this craving is a daily or even a weekly thing then you might want to add more sources of magnesium in your diet, such as: pumpkin seeds, almonds, Brazil nuts, black beans, spinach & green leafy greens!


My black beans brownie!

*** Recipe for the above here

In Summary:

  1. Instead of processed crisps have sea weed
  2. Instead of processed ice cream loaded with sugars have Banana nice cream!
  3. Instead of fatty bread (which will probably never satisfy your cravings) have Sweet potato toast!
  4. Instead of red meat have lentils!
  5. Instead of cheese have nut butters! 🙂
  6. & if chocolate cravings is more like an addiction! Have a handful or pumpkin seeds, almonds or Brazil nuts!


So here you have it, cravings, what they mean & healthy substitutes 🙂


If you’re not sure what you should have to replace your “unhealthy” cravings just pick the “healthier” choice that is makes you mouth water ! lol 🙂


For me it’s often a bowl of buckwheat with bananas & sesame butter or dark chocolate topping!




Hope you guys enjoyed this post! & if you did please share, comment & like 🙂

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