Morning everyone this post is a long one overdue!


I actually I wanted to share this with you sometime last year but for some reason I didn’t… but anyhow, I am sure some of you came across this DIY toothpaste recipe before & probably use it instead of the conventional toothpaste if you’re like me and into your holistic health & things natural! 🙂


But if this something new to you, then please keep reading as I will share a super easy 3 ingredients CHEMICAL FREE toothpaste with you and tell you WHY you should start making your own toothpaste too! 🙂


In brief, these are my reasons to why I make (when I am not too lazy) my own toothpaste:

  • *** Its fluoride free (the main reason for most of us & I will explain further below)
  • Its natural
  • Its chemical free
  • You can add your whatever essential oil you like to it! 🙂


To me these are pretty good reasons but until I actually learned more and more about fluoride, I did’t make a conscious effort to avoid it!


So I am pretty sure most of you out there have heard that fluoride is bad for you, fluoride in water fluoride in toothpaste, & so on…


So how does fluoride effect our health? & why is it in our water & toothpaste?


In Brief, fluoride suppresses our pineal gland which also effects our sleep, libido, biological clock, causes weight gain, messes with our thyroid glands, moods and mental health and spiritual awareness !


Some facts you might want to know about….


  1. How toxic is fluoride?


Fluoride is a highly toxic substance. … In terms of acute toxicity (i.e., the dose that can cause immediate toxic consequences), fluoride is more toxic than lead, but slightly less toxic than arsenic. This is why fluoride has long been used in rodenticides and pesticides to kill pests like rats and insects.


  1. Fluoride Affects Many Tissues in Your Body besides Your Teeth


Many assume that consuming fluoride is only an issue that involves your dental health. But according to a 500-page scientific review, fluoride is an endocrine disruptor that can affect your bones, brain, thyroid gland, pineal gland and even your blood sugar levels.


There have been over 34 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage, including lower IQ in children, and studies have shown that fluoride toxicity can lead to a wide variety of health problems, including:


Increased lead absorption Disrupts synthesis of collagen Hyperactivity and/or lethargy Muscle disorders
Thyroid disease Arthritis Dementia Bone fractures
Lowered thyroid function Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) Inactivates 62 enzymes and inhibits more than 100 Inhibited formation of antibodies
Genetic damage and cell death Increased tumor and cancer rate Disrupted immune system Damaged sperm and increased infertility


  1. For Infants, Fluoridated Water Provides No Benefits, Only Risks


“Spikes” of fluoride exposure during infancy provide no known advantage to teeth, but they do have plenty of known harmful effects. Babies given fluoridated water in their formula are not only more likely to develop dental fluorosis, but may also have reduced IQ scores


  1. Fluoride Supplements Have Never Been Approved by the FDA


The fluoride supplements sometimes prescribed to those who are not drinking fluoridated water have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of tooth decay. In fact, the fluoride supplements that the FDA has reviewed have been rejected.



  1. Most Developed Countries Do Not Fluoridate Their Water


More people drink fluoridated water in the US alone than in the rest of the world combined. In Western Europe, for instance, 97 percent of the population drinks non-fluoridated water.


These are just some facts & figures I thought I would share with you but you can do your own research as there is so much studies out there on fluoride & its effects on health.


GOOD NEWS!!! Is that you can make your own using just 3 simple ingredients:


  1. 2 TB Baking soda
  2. 4 TB Coconut oil
  3. Your chosen essential oil = I used peppermint J (just few drops)


*** Optional! You can always add turmeric to it too, which yes initially it will stain your teeth however, once rinsed it actually helps to whiten you teeth!


You can play with the quantity of the ingredients depending on how you want to make, however, once you mix all 3 or 4! You should have a creamy looking mixture. Store in a container & put it in the toilet so you remember to use this & not reach for the fluoride toothpaste 😉


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I am aware this isn’t new to most people but hopefully I get to help at least one person out there 🙂


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