Since this is something i’ve been working on recently, I thought I would share it here, incase someone is going through it too & might find this post helpful 🙂


The past few months since moving to Shanghai I’ve been experiencing some puffiness and/or water retention! I am not quite sure if it’s one or the other or both!!


Initially I thought it was me gaining some weight… But since realising that I’ve only gained a 2- 3 kilo since coming here (which still doesn’t justify my round looking face! & I’ve DROPPED those kilos as soon as I followed the below steps!)…. I decided to look deeper into it.


Firstly, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining what was happening to me! So I looked at old photos of me I’ve never had a round moon face before! Okay, I know I have a round face, but just not quite like what I am experiencing at the moment… & unfortunately friends & family confirmed! 🙁


After weighting myself, I decided to look at my diet & I have to admit since coming here &  especially in my first 2-3 months I’ve been having gluten on and off & I haven’t had gluten for years! Since it didn’t cause a sudden or extreme reaction I didn’t think much of it, so I kept having it here & there, but once I actually paid more attention to how my body felt I’ve realised that It was affecting me in very subtle ways that I didn’t even notice the relationship between, gluten & how shit my body felt & looked!


Some of the things that was happening to me, but I ignored & blamed it on adjusting to a new environment, country & didn’t think too much of it (until recently – when it’s not going away!):


  1. I was constipated & bloated for at least a month or 2!
  2. My energy levels were terrible!
  3. My body felt heavy & at sometimes numb!
  4. My face looked puffy & swollen!
  5. My eyes were exhausted & I had bags under my eyes!
  6. I looked & felt like shit!


I am not going to bore you with the details & instead I’ll just go ahead & tell you what you need to do & my tips if you’re experiencing water retention and/or puffiness!


But 1st, let’s cover some basics…


What can cause water retention?


Water retention is generally caused by too much salt in the diet – not necessarily what you add yourself, but the amount in processed foods. … Certain foods will help eliminate excess water – dandelion tea, grapefruit, celery, and asparagus.


What can cause facial swelling/puffiness?


Facial swelling can be caused by both minor and major medical conditions. … Common causes of facial swelling include: allergic reaction (even ifs tiny minor reaction) & Eye infection (such as conjunctivitis). Sometimes puffiness is caused by the level of your pillow while you are sleeping, causing either pressure or water retention.


& finally what can you do to rid of it?! My advice what worked for me…

  1. ALLERGIES – Identify any allergen or intolerances you may have to certain foods – for me it’s clearly gluten & dairy (bought mess up my digestion & destroy my energy levels!)
  2. HYDRATE!! – Drink plenty of water but not right before bed (no water after 9pm)! I know you’re thinking, water retention maybe I need to cut my water intake but actually, dehydration is another cause for puffiness and swelling!
  3. ICE – Apply ice pack to your face and/or eyes to reduce any puffiness or swelling
  4. EXERCISE – I personally make sure I smash a sweat cardio session everyday if I can. Sweating helps with water retention & puffiness by eliminating toxins our bodies store, & you feel better right immediately!
  5. SALT – Watch your sodium intake, are you consuming too much salt? Are you eating mostly out? Restaurant and take away meals are loaded with salt, which is a very common cause of water retention
  6. FIBRE – Eat plenty of vegetables, especially, greens, carrots & apples. Ensuring you are consuming fibre and enough of it will help you flush out those toxins your body is storing
  7. POTASSIUM – similarly potassium is very useful in counterbalancing sodium levels. Potassium-rich foods include sweet potatoes, spinach, greens, bananas, prunes, oranges, tomatoes, tomato juice and cantaloupe.
  8. SUGAR – Reduce your sugar intake including those from fruits
  9. DIURETICS – Consume natural diuretics: Cranberry juice, cabbage, watermelons, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, carrots, and oats are all natural diuretics that will aid in the removal of excess fluids from the body.
  10. VITAMINS – Vitamins A and C help diminish the fragility of capillaries and decrease water retention. Go for your citrus fruits or Vitamin C effervescent tablets! 🙂
  11. FACE MASK  – Coffee & honey! just try it.. 🙂

& last but not least my best tip ever & something that will work give you results instantly is: a lymph-drainage facial!!! & no don’t worry you do NOT NEED to spend money you can do this at home using your own hands & fingers! In fact you can do one right now…

This is one I’ve done few times but there are tons on YouTube & you can pick whichever you like 🙂

I kid you not when I say, you see results immediately, just look at my face here, one week apart …


Last week..
This week…


Anyways this is it for today’s post, I really do hope you found this helpful and interesting read! 🙂


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