Hey beauties! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, I haven’t been feeling very well and I wanted to take some time to recharge & get my life organised!!

Not to mention, I’ve lost my appetite the past few weeks probably due to the hot weather in Shanghai (almost 40 degrees in here) & I haven’t been in the mood to cook anything that includes making a salad!! Seriously !!!

I’ve literally have been living off watermelons & bananas! Basically been eating raw (maybe had 3 cooked meals in the last 3 weeks) & since I am all about going with what my body feels like doing, I know it’s a phase and it will pass and I’ll go back to eating everything on sight but for now I am just going to leave my body to it… however I know that’s going to impact my blogging so I’ve decided to try and be creative by still having what my body wants but still manage to post and share with you some of my recipes, mostly of which requires no more than 5 ingredients! 🙂 #AllAboutThatSimpleLife

Today I am sharing a super simple easy 2 make 2 ingredients Matcha nice cream!! If you’re an ice cream lover like me you will love this guilt free detoxifying cooling recipe for the summer!!


& if you’re not drinking your matcha or not sure what it is, check out my blog posts here about the benefits of Matcha 🙂


  • 5 frozen bananas (amount is up to you)
  • Matcha powder
  • Optional: you choice of toppings, i used chia seeds & pumpkin seeds


  • You want to freeze your bananas overnight, & make sure they are ripe!! The riper you bananas the taster the sweeter the better for you digestion it is!
  • Take out your bananas and let them defrost for 10 mins #
  • Using a food processor or a strong blender or younans (which is what I use – I will insert a picture of this amazing machine but it basically turns every frozen fruit to ice cream – all you need is just frozen fruits)
  • Once you bananas are blended into a nice creamy ice cream texture you add a spoon of your matcha powder & mix it well


& here you have it matcha nice cream! That’s amazing healthy and yummy!

Of course you can top it up with anything you like – I had mine with pumpkin seeds & chia seeds to add that nice texture to it 🙂

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