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Re-Introducing My Blog!


Hey everyone! It’s been a while, in case you haven’t noticed I’ve been gone for almost a year! BUT I’ve been dying to get back into blogging, but I couldn’t for many reasons! Firstly, I moved from UK to Shanghai 17 months ago! & settling in was harder & took longer than I expected. Not only that, but life literally slapped me on the face & I’ve had an awakening, which flipped my life upside down & sucked the energy out of me for months!! I lost myself in all of this along with my motivation and my passion for food & health! Which is the whole point of this blog? How can I blog about health & food, when I wasn’t stable and kept fluctuating from one week to another, eating junk, to not eating at all, to eating the same thing over and over, to going raw, to fasting and the cycle just went on & on for months! Anyways I won’t bore you with the details here I just wanted to say I am back & I believe a new Arwa was born! I’ve changed and grown so much the past few months, big chunk of it was painful but so worth it & I can’t wait to see where this takes me 🙂

I am so excited to get back to writing and sharing with you my journey, my lessons & most importantly help anyone out there who is going through what I went or is currently going through their own struggles! I am not perfect, & I know I will keep on growing & learning however I want to be able to share & connect with others out there who are going through a similar thing…. That is my main goal here – beside just talking to myself & reflecting on this life as I type away… 😉

So I started this blog initially to feed my passion for food & health. You can check out my health story & My transformation here. I mostly posted about recipes, being mainly gluten free & vegan & shared health & nutrition with the focus of losing weight, being healthier through diet & exercise.

However, despite health & well being still being a big part of my life, food is not the centre of it all! For the past few years, I focused & made sure I ate healthy & clean (based on my standards, vegan, GF, no processed foods) & exercise regularly & yes that does play a big part in being healthily but its only 1 aspect of it. Health to me is mind, body & spirit/soul (i am going to use these words interchangeably), health is more than just how clean you eat, how much you weigh & how regularly you exercise (believe me sometimes dropping the gym all together for a while can be exactly what you need!). Health is also what you feed your mind, how you view yourself, the language you speak to yourself, your self image, self love, connecting to your heart & understanding how & why you might think or have certain beliefs.

Where am I going with all of this? I want to share more than just recipes with you! In regards to food & recipes, instead of giving you tips in regards to becoming “healthier” by losing weight through food & exercise I want you to understand why you might be suffering from certain health problem, what could you do about it, why you can’t seem to lose weight no matter all your efforts, if that’s you!

I am re directing my blog to become more about mind, body, spirit instead of just food being the centre of the blog! I also plan to start a YouTube channel soon! Where I will get to share more about my day to day life with you, talk about spirituality, yoga tutorials, day in the life & many more! I am also do plan to start coaching people, if you interested and looking for one on one help – but more on that soon! 🙂

So in summary, I am back but we will cover more than just delicious vegan & Gluten free recipes! I will share with you more about health, healing, spirituality, self love, my journey & lessons from doing water fasts in order to heal my inflammation to my spiritual awakening & taking plant medicine!

So stay tuned & follow me on here & instagram if any of this sounds like something you are drawn too! 🙂

& remember … Health is Mind, Body & Spirit 🙂

Arwa X

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