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My thoughts, findings, things I’ve searched and learnt about the past few months & years in regards to spirituality. You can say my research & self made summarized library in one page! Enjoy X

The Real Reason why Empaths Attract Energy Vampires
Archangels & Ascended Masters


23 Signs You are embodying your Higher Self
The Real Reason why You Were a Victim of Psychic Attack


December Forecast


What To do if You Think Your Under Psychic Attack
Psychic Attack & Symptoms


Why we Go through pain, loss & suffering in life


17 Stages of Psychic Development
10 Things That Block your Psychic Abilities


Difference Between an Empath & a Lightworker
15 Reasons Why Raising your Vibration Should be your 1st Priority!
Difference between Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Karmic Relationships & Past Life Connections


Why Being Alone is a Blessing in a Spiritual Path


Psychic Links
Our Shadow Side is the Key to Light
Energy Update November – 1.11.11
20 Life Changes After Spiritual Awakening
How to develop your psychic abilities
5 Ways to Create Spiritual Abundance
Love & Light Bullshit
You’re Not Sick you’re Psychic
Goddess or Doormat?
6 Reason why your Spell Didn’t work
30 Things I’ve learnt About Spirituality Since my Spiritual Awakening
15 Signs you are a Witch
20 Signs of a LightWorker
Difference between Witches, Healers, Shaman, & LightWorkers
Is it Fear or Anxiety?
How long is this Spiritual awakening going to last?
How to Manage a Kundalini Awakening
Difference between Empaths, Intuition, Psychic, Channeller & Mediums


What Type of Empath are you?


Empaths & Narcissists Twisted Attraction
30 Signs You are an Empath


Depressed or Going Through a Transformation?


Sleep Paralysis & How to make the Most of It?


Signs Your 3rd Eye is Opening


The Hidden Messages Behind the Repeated Numbers you See


Spiritual Awakening Symptoms that won’t go away


Everything You Need to know About Chakras


Surviving Dark Night of the Soul


Full Moon Magic


Raising your Vibration


What Triggers Spiritual Awakening & why….


Spiritual Awakening Symptoms


The Beautiful Moon


Eclipses 888


Spiritual Awakening Ego Trap


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