Inspired by a fall out I had with a loved one….


Just sharing my thoughts & curious what you all think??


Okay so I am going to start by saying I am no expert in this, I don’t know all the answer & I certainly not sure of the ones I have either… Also I am aware that ego is not necessarily a bad thing, there are different kinds & we need a hint of ego to live in this 3D world, but what I am about to share is the kind of ego we do not need.


I don’t know what exactly “spiritual awakening” is but I think I can tell you what I DO NOT think it is.


Spiritual awakening is NOT enlightenment! To be honest, not sure what enlightenment is either, but to me, the two are two different things. You can have a spiritual awakening but that doesn’t mean you are enlightened!


Having a spiritual awakening also doesn’t mean you are in a constant state of bliss! No more being depressed, not more being sad, no more being ungrateful, no more being afraid, no more suffering or pain & certainly no more questioning things! That’s all the egos’ game.


To me, spiritual awakening, is realizing how much I don’t know which was the start of a journey where I decided to seek the truth of everything around me and myself!


Many people who experience a spiritual awakening or a glimpse of the other side, no matter how big or small, the ego takes over. Meaning, the ego gets addicted to those experiences (spiritual ‘high’) and keeps wanting to experience them again and again.


When in reality seeking those experiences of being ‘awake’ or ‘enlightened’ only pushes us away from the real experience & all we do is get stuck in our ego-land.


People, including you and I, should truly be honest to ourselves and ask (not think but really ask)…


Who is it that wants those experiences? Who/what is it? Feel into that question, let it sink in and really listen to what comes up.


I have also noticed that some people who have had a spiritual experience, think they have been ‘Chosen’! That they are special, they are so excited they want to go and tell everyone about it. They feel like they now have a mission to save the world and wake up everyone! & don’t get me wrong that’s great but let’s not use that to distract us from our own pain and problems.


Seriously,  chill  and stay humble!!


I truly believe we are all special, I don’t believe in being chosen, I don’t believe in being better than anyone else and I certainly have not forgot the mindset I have had just few years ago.


Yes!!! Some people are definitely more self aware than others, but let’s not forget that we are all on our own spiritual path and that everyone is at a different stage in their journey and that this spiritual journey has no particular order. Lets respect each other and not forget where we all come from, let’s not compare each other & let’s not think we are above others either.


Below are common ego traps those awakened ones fall for….

  • Fundamentalist thinking: having black and white beliefs or way of thinking and/or having debates to show or prove the “truth” to someone else. That probably your ego talking, not your spirit. As Lao Tzu says, “He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.”


  • Judging those who are not ‘awake’: do you find yourself judging those people, people who can’t see what you see, being who are unaware of the matrix, people who follow and not question anything. Does it make you angry, frustrated at the world?! (it’s okay, I fall for this one alot!).


  • Are you an indigo, empath, shaman, light worker and/or Earth angel: do you give yourself one of those labels and believe that some people are chosen and others are not. Do you find yourself looking down on those who deem less ‘spiritual’ in your eyes. You may actually be hiding a deeper sense of uncertainty about your own faith that deserves attention and resolution.


  • Always fucking happy & positive: (seriously, don’t you just want to slap those people!) do you find yourself always having to stay stay positive and happy and be grateful 24/7 and believe you are love, you are bliss, you are the universe, the stars, you ARE GOD!! Chill it’s okay to be depressed and sad every now and then, it’s called growth! stop caring what others think of you, & start paying attention to your own soul. This isn’t a competition of who is the most spiritually awake – this is vanity. This is vanity. Even the most spiritual of people have bad days, and having enough courage to be honest with your emotions is a key ingredient for soul liberation.


  • Over-intellectualizing spirituality: stop relying on logic when it comes to spirituality and start opening your heart. No books or gurus will teach you what your soul & heart already knows. Be patient with yourself it’s a process, you’re not suppose to figure it all out in weeks, months or maybe even years. There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.


I am sure there are more to the list but here are few that I’ve come across and definitely fell for myself 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, share with others, comment, share your thoughts, teach me something!


& remember to stay humble & never wear spiritualism as a badge to decorate your ego 😉

Lots of love,

Arwa X



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    1. I am glad you liked it! I am too, specially at the start, but for me personally i realized it was a projected ‘distraction’!! 🙂

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