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Follow up from my last post “reset your immune system in 3 days”  today i will share with you my longest fasting experience! 🙂

Firstly, I want to make it clear that I didn’t just jump straight ahead & do an 8 days water fast. For about 2 months prior I was building my way up slowly, starting with 24hrs then 72hrs, 120hrs and then finally made it to 8 days 🙂

In this post I will share my experience, how I roughly felt day to day & what you should roughly expect if you do choose to do a 24hrs fast, 72hrs fast or a 5days fast!




So let me just tell you why I choose to fast in the 1st place. Beside the benefits I’ve mentioned before I’ve been suffering with my digestion on and off for 6 years now, I am also aware I have a weak immune system and after going gluten free for 5 years – my biggest regret of last year (2017) was going back to consuming it! It was a stupid decision I made where I didn’t put myself or health first and I wanted to erase it! & after reading about the study where it has shown that you can reset your immune system in 3 days I was like – I am in!! so after doing more research and mentally preparing myself I decided that why not, let me test this by seeing how I feel during and after. Plus I’ve been doing Intermittent fasting for few years now & so fasting is not completely new to me.

Anyways here is how my fast went…

Day 1: Was kinda hard I was tempted to just eat clean & skip the fats all together but I knew feeling this way was normal, so I just reminded myself of the benefits & why I was doing it in the first place. Something I would recommend everyone to do, you can’t just decide to do a fast & jump straight into it, even if it was only for 24hrs! I would advise you to list don the reasons why you choose to do this in the first place and list the benefits along with it.

First day of the fast is the most challenging day!  Especially if you are a beginner.

Day 2: felt so proud, light & energized. Less puffiness (think from the gluten I have been consuming lately) body was slightly aching but I know that is a symptoms of toxins coming out of my body. Had a productive day, saw some friends & did some work from home earlier in the day.

Day 3: Got really hungry at some point in the afternoon but it subsided – this was also my long day at work – which is usually the day I tend to snack throughout the day! So I knew the hunger was a habit & also something you might not know – by the 3rd or 4th day of the fast, hunger subsides and you enter ketosis! This is when the real fast begins! Everything from here gets a little easier until ~ day 12 if you are planning to go that long! Went out after work for few hours and I was shattered by the time I went to bed that night.

Day 4:  another long day at work, so had to wake up early (by the way if you can do this fast when you’re not working it will make things much easier!) I felt weak and achy that morning. Couldn’t stand for that long or open my eyes until late morning ~11am. By then all of a sudden I had energy and my afternoon lessons (I am a teacher) were much easier. Once I was done with work by 4pm. I was actually feeling high & sharp! So decided to spend the rest of the day at starbucks being productive! J

** However it is advised to rest as much as you can while fasting – but I can’t just sit still – cant help it!

Day 5: super weak & achy! Stayed in bed all day – luckily this was my off day so I just took advantage of not having to do anything.

Day 6: Got up, got dressed & went out shopping – had a good day – felt pretty good. Did some reading, went to work & got a massage that day. I CANT BELIEVE I AM ON DAY 6! This is the 1st time I make it this far. No hunger, just mentally want food – but it’s not hunger.

Day 7: my god I FEEL FREAKING AMAZING!!!!! NO HUNGER, no aches – I had a massage last night which might have helped. ** Another tip: treat yourself with a spa day, massages, anything self-care related. Spend time looking after yourself and if being around people makes it easier for you do that. Anyways I felt great on day 7, I feel & look amazing – even my friend said I looked glowing (something that you will notice on day 5! The glow is real). I also just ended my period which may also explain the increase in energy but no I think its mainly fasting.. By the way speaking of period! I forgot to mention that couple of times my fasting was around the same time my period was due – which made my period so easy & smooth, no PMS NONE of that mess!

Day 8: woke up really early, did some research went to work bought some fruits to break my fast for day 10 (Mistake, why go food shopping so early)! Wasn’t hungry but would love some jerkins! I am aiming to push it to 10days. That evening I had a fight with someone dear & I was so emotional and my emotions too over.. so I ended up breaking my fast that night L

Had fruits and kept it light – Which is a must – you really can’t just go straight to eating regular foods especially after 5 days fast, it can be dangerous.

I was really gutted and disappointed for breaking my fast earlier than planned and for letting someone else take over my emotions! But anyways I made it past 7 days!

How did it feel, start was definitely hard, and like everyone will tell you that 1st few days are hard but once you hit day 3 things get easier & the real fast begins. This wasn’t my first time water fast and certainly not my last you learn so much about yourself, you learn real hunger, you truly see your body healing itself. I only did 8 days, & I can really say it has helped reset few things. My digestion for one, my skin was cleared up, I like to believe that gluten is out of my system by now! Ha J was it worth it? YES! For me yes!

Any mistakes?

  1. Having food in the flat even if it’s healthy made it easier & tempting to break my fast on day 8!
  2. I shouldn’t have broke my fast in the evening I went with a stuffed belly !
  3. Should have stuck with just fruits & vegetables for the first week post fasting
  4. Should have drank way more water to help flush toxins out
  5. Rest more, don’t expose yourself to food on your weak days (notice the day post my rest day I was feeing amazing!)

So here you have it ladies & gents, I hope this inspired you & gave you an idea of what to expect and realize that the aches and pain is not necessarily a sign to stop but your body detoxing itself! I will link few links below of posts you might find really useful & educational. I didn’t want to make this post long so I tried my best to summarize it but comment if you have any questions 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Arwa X

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