There are just so many, they include, mental, emotional, even physical symptoms but I will share some of the ones I have experienced personally because I can talk about them 🙂

So here we go starting with the 1st one I noticed… & this is just my own experience with ascension, every one is different do your research as there are many more symptoms out there & listen to you heart, you know when it’s something more than just a symptom! 🙂

  1. There is pressure in the middle of your forehead, 3rd eye point.

I didn’t only experience pressure but an intense migraines & headaches for days. The worse one was last summer, I had this intense sudden migraine at my 3rd eye point & I seriously thought I would be found dead in my apartment. It was so intense I couldn’t even look at the screen on my phone, I had to lie down and try to sleep. This was the start of everything for me.

  1. Your mind is empty; sometimes it feels like you are meditating all the time.

For the first time ever I think I understand what guys mean when you ask them: “what are you thinking about?!” and their response is: “nothing…!” LOL

  1. You’re cut off from the world but surprisingly you actually feel okay even great about it!!

You are questioning everything you know, reflecting, connecting the dots, trying to make sense of this life! Questioning your purpose, your reality, your surroundings, basically everything & anything!


The look you have when you start Realizing shit..

“When a caterpillar is morphing you don’t cut the chrysalis & expose it to the open air…”

  1. You have become so sensitive to other people’s energies – its actually annoying sometimes!

You start to feel other people’s energies, whether they are feeling good or bad or in pain. Maybe this is when your psychic abilities start to show. We all have them we just forgot about them 🙂 slowly your psychic abilities will start to emerge and grow stronger as you go further into your journey but you also have to do some work.

  1. Emotions all over the place – riding a roller coaster but doesn’t seem to end….

You feel this way because a new system is being constituted in you, you are upgrading, your powers & gifts are slowly being awakened. While the old you is being slowly erased…

  1. Need constant rest.

Listen to your body & rest. Think of your body as a computer changing operating systems literally! Your body is upgrading & a new software is being downloaded. You might not be sleeping much but simply in need of being in a resting mode and that’s okay. Don’t resist is or this will just persist and take longer than it should.

  1. You occupy your body differently!

You might have gained weight or lost weight due to your eating habits changing. You might all of a sudden just want to be vegan & maybe even raw. Your body is craving high frequency foods like fruits and vegetables. But you could also go through phases were you overeat and want unhealthy heavy food – that’s also okay, maybe your body needs to be pulled down and stay grounded!

I personally have been on my health journey for few years before this happened, where i was eating vegan mostly. However, I ended up going back to eating junk, having dairy, eggs, I even had craved meat few times and had chicken! 🙁 but I just listened to my body and tried to not go against it …. But then I also went raw for a while, fasted, ate eggs on and off, I was all over the place with my diet… but it taught me so much & perhaps that was what my body needed at that time. You just have to trust the process.

  1. Sleep is an adventure

From vivid dreams, sleep paralysis to having out of body experiences! You might experience one in particular or a couple at the same time. Sleep is when some of these things hit you, as your body is relaxed and you are in an altered state of consciousness.

  1. You are not as concerned on worldly pursuits anymore!

Material things and certainly superficial things don’t concern you anymore. You are more focused on figuring this out & reaching the finish line – where a new you is born.

Other ascension symptoms

  • Seeing visions: start seeing things like shadows and white light, especially at night.
  • Dropping things/bumping into things
  • New sense of time, time seems to speed up all of a sudden!
  • Becoming aware of free flowing energy throughout your body
  • Sudden urge for space
  • Revisiting the past
  • Unable to focus as usual
  • Heightened sensitivity to people, food, sounds & surroundings
  • Heartburn or chest pressure
  • Brief suicidal thoughts
  • Intense desire for change
  • Glimpses of oneness

I am going to stop here & assure you are not alone if you are experiencing the symptoms above. Some people might say these could be disease related symptoms, but you know, only you know, you will know if this is health related or something else is going on. 🙂

When I had my migraines on my 3rd eye, something led me to search this 3rd eye, not go to the doctor! I just knew the things that were happening were unusual & I was definitely not losing my mind… One thing led me to this and that, opened a whole new world to me, wasn’t easy wasn’t all exciting, it was scary & painful but when your soul has enough there is really nothing else to do then let it take over! Now I am here a year later & everything makes sense now & I am grateful for all the struggles, pain, lessons & hardships I have gone through so far in life…. but seriously it is a blessing to be alive on Earth right now 🙂

Trust me it will be worth it in the end.

Hope you all enjoyed this post.

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