Okay firstly, if you are like me you might have asked why? How? Especially if yours was sudden and unexpected experience. I personally wasn’t actively doing anything at that time to trigger my awakening, it wasn’t even on my mind, none of this was anything I wanted or thought about then.

You might also ask….

Why we aren’t spiritual awaken since birth?

Well, we were however the way society is structured, is to suppress all that, through mass media hypnosis, manipulated our food, air pollution, suppression of new technologies, and most importantly, suppression of information regarding the true nature of the self and our reality.

Why does spiritual awakening happen?

There are different reasons why spiritual awakening occurs. But from what I experienced and read, it is usually a result of a sudden event/trauma or accumulative trauma.

Sudden event include experiencing a traumatic event such as death, divorce, financial loss, break ups and so on. Major life events which throw you off and make you question everything. Your soul may struggle to comprehend what is happening so you get awakened!

You may also come across new mind blowing information that’s simply triggers your awakening. This could be the start of you questioning what you have been programmed into doing for years.

Another trigger could be experiencing paranormal activities. Such as seeing spirits, ghosts, having an outer body experience, dreams, visions that just shook you up! These could be triggered by ETs, your spirit guides & guardian angels to show you that there is more to this 3D world.

Psychedelics is also another one, some people will say they have had their spiritual awakening through experiencing with psychedelics. Which is amazing! 🙂 I think for many people, this has been the doorway to the other side, but then I really believe the person needs to do the work and try to reach such experiences without relying heavily on psychedelics alone.  I am not against psychedelics, like I said, I really think it’s great that psychedelics have really opened the door to many people and showed them that there is more than this reality. However, I am for people trying to reach similar states and understanding through studying, meditation, diet, fasting and so on. We truly can access these places without taking anything, yes it might not be as intense or “cool” experience filled with beautiful visuals, but it’s believing in yourself and your ability to get there that makes a huge difference. Also it is way more rewarding when you embark on this spiritual journey & witness what you can do though working on yourself, mind body & spirit. 🙂

Another cause of spiritual awakening is accumulative trauma and that is simply your soul sick and tired of doing the same unfulfilling job every day, living a meaningless life, not living your true life purpose. You soul is eager to break free and get out of the 3D bubble.

If you are blessed to have experienced a spiritual awakening in this life time – and yes you are blessed (only because it is not easy doesn’t mean it’s not good) – continue reading to find the rewards of this experience and its purpose…

If wont all happen right away, it will take time, it will take you putting the work and effort, you not resisting what’s happening, you being not judging YOURSELF (forget others for now, this is all about you especially at the start of this spiritual journey) but here are what you will get out through this amazing not always so easy or blissful journey….

  • Discover your true inner self – the spiritual you! 🙂

Yes the old you, which wasn’t really you, it was probably society conditioning, will be slowly erased and the real you will start to emerge.

  • Raise consciousness higher

You will become more aware of yourself, your body, your surrounding and everything around you.

  • Become aware of inner self & grow from inner discovery

You will embark on this journey of searching, learning and growing to be the best and authentic version of yourself. You will be able to write your own book about “your story” by the end of it! 🙂

  • To learn and love yourself fully

Learn to accept who you are, appreciate the person you have become & love yourself unconditionally.

  • To learn to love & accept others

This happens once you learn to first love yourself unconditionally

  • To discover spiritual gifts you may have

Yay! Your psychic abilities and gifts might start to show up and you can take it from there by working on them with patience & practice.

  • To discover your purpose & life calling

Once you work on yourself, you calling will  be calling you! 🙂

  • To connect on spiritual level
  • To discover we’re connected
  • To open you up spiritually & raise your vibration
  • To experience life to the fullest & enjoy it
  • To learn to forgive yourself & others
  • To develop empathy, compassion & sensitivity to others.

& here you have it guys, I hope you found this post interesting useful & helpful 🙂

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

6 thoughts on “What triggers Spiritual Awakening & Why…

  1. 100% agree with you. And I love the dot points because it makes it so much simpler. And again I laugh at myself and get the shits with myself because… I do everything backwards be everyone else’s lists. I think that’s why I have “to write”, because I seem to be the only person who has “ticked all the boxes” but worked my way from the other end of the list. The last thing/s I’m working on myself at the moment is trying to do everything that I do already, to the efficiency and magic and power and everything that I already do… but… also … to be able to love me. I need to learn to love and like myself. I have perfected my capabilities and happiness and everything in the many roles I play for others. I was dead on the inside for the longest time and I just wanted to help heal other people so they didn’t ever have to experience inner death and depression that I have/had. And then all of a sudden my spirit is alive, that inner child, divine spark, shadow self… She’s not dead, she is alive and she is willing to learn to love herself so she can come outside to play in the light of day. But she is undeveloped, childish and selfish and therefore I have become inefficient in my duties and responsibilities that I facilitate and give unto others.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your experience 🙂
      I am the same, where i am working to love and accept my self, not only because i didn’t before but because i wasn’t aware i didn’t love myself. I am now realizing that self love is really the most important thing, it is the reason why i have attracted and manifested some of the negative situations and people in my life. The negative self talk i have towards my self was projected by the relationships i have attracted the past few years, and i didn’t realize that until this week! MAJOR BIG REALIZATION!!
      Anyways more on that in a future post, but I am glad you liked this post & i wish you all the best in your self love journey. You are already doing great having acknowledged that self love is important 🙂
      & by the way don’t worry about healing or saving others, we are here to save ourselves and not others! it is through that we are able to do the most positive impact and inspire others to heal themselves 🙂

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