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Raising Your Vibration


As we become more conscious and spiritually aware in our spiritual journey, we realize the importance of raising our vibration in order to feel good, stay healthy and be able to manifest things into existence. Having a high vibration strengthens our immune system and keeps us protected from diseases and negative spirits.

Your “vibration”, universal life energy or higher self-frequency is in the simplest terms your state of being. This is your ‘personal energetic signature’. So let’s make sure it is positive, high and well! 🙂

Here are some of the most common, known and easy ways to do this is:

  1. Meditating
  2. Eating plant based & whole foods mainly
  3. Eating raw
  4. Being grateful
  5. Giving love
  6. Spending time in nature
  7. Accepting what is
  8. Using Crystals and their properties
  9. Yoga
  10. Exercise
  11. Being positive
  12. Laughing
  13. Enjoying life
  14. Music, Singing & Chanting
  15. Repeating positive affirmations
  16. Keeping a positive mindset
  17. Expressing your creativity, through art, dance, cooking whatever you soul craves
  18. Become conscious of your thoughts – everything you say feel think you attract, it all becomes your reality
  19. Find something beautiful and appreciate it
  20. Be kind to yourself & others
  21. Practice self-love & self-care



Other ways that not frequently mentioned & I learnt from experience the past few months:

Grounding & protection:

Before meditating, make sure you are familiar firstly with grounding and protection. Something I wish someone thought me years ago when I was introduced to meditation. These two things go hand in hand and are super important, say if you wanted to practice astral projection, lucid dreaming, meditating, sleeping, and taking psychedelics or when dealing with the spiritual realm. This keeps you safe and protected from negative spirits & entities.

Some ways of practicing grounding are: grounding meditation, going out in nature & eating grounding food. Whereas for protection, I personally envision white light (or purple or gold will also work) surrounding my physical body (like a bubble) every night before I go to sleep (this method actually helped so much with my sleep paralysis, practically stopped it).


Hack Your Own Mind

Change your story, you are not a victim you are a savior, you can’t change what happens to you but you can change how you react to it. Don’t regret the past, there is always a lesson and a reason why it happened. I believe there is always something positive to take from every experience especially the negative ones.



Respect Yourself

Set boundaries stop giving you energy to people, if it drains you don’t entertain it & make sure you are the priority. You can’t pour form an empty cup! Stop trying to be there for everyone and saving people you love before prioritizing yourself. Something we often do either: to distract us from our own problems or simple not being self aware that some people are simply draining us – this could be the people we love too.

Similarly the energy in your home is also extremely important, this is where you sleep, rest, re charge and maybe for some we spend most of our time at home, especially certain times of the year.


The following are steps you can take to also raise the vibration of your home:


Also be aware of things that do lower your vibration, such as:

  1. Junk food and processed foods
  2. Stress and Anxiety
  3. Toxic products/environment (cosmetics, cleaners, pollution etc.)
  4. Prolonged exposure to electronics, cell phones, computers,TV
  5. Holding on to anger, guilt or resentment
  6. Negative self talk (not feeling good enough)
  7. Gossiping about others
  8. Wanting more (rather than being grateful for what you have)
  9. Living in the past
  10. Worrying about the future
  11. Alcohol and drugs


Now I know there are way too many things in here, but that’s okay these are options, & there is many more ways out there! I don’t do them all, I pick the ones that suit me & I incorporate it into my daily, week’s goals & monthly rituals. But perhaps picking at least one or two thing you do on a daily basis will definitely keep your vibrating on a high frequency! 🙂

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Also I’ve created a video on this topic check it out here –

Lots of love,

Arwa X

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