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Today I am going to share with you my top supplements that will assist you in healing your autoimmune disease, leaky gut and overall make your gut stronger. There are plenty of them however I will share my favorites & those that are vegan friendly too 🙂

However, don’t forget that this won’t work alone; your diet is the No.1 factor that will help you heal and feel your best again. These are supplements that will assist you and definitely worth taking if you have any digestive issues going on. Especially if you are suffering from digestive issues and/or leaky gut syndrome, as you’re most likely deficient or not getting enough of the good nutrients you need. Therefore taking supplements is encouraged at least at the beginning stages of healing & repairing your gut’s health.

I will firstly list them below and then discuss them individually explaining why you might need each:

  1. Castor oil
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Probiotics
  4. L-Glutamine
  5. Zinc
  6. Digestive Enzymes

Castor oil

Starting with the most natural and probably the cheapest! Make sure its 100% castor oil for internal use and even better organic. For centuries, this has been used to naturally boost immune function & speed up healing. It has many properties and health benefits including: anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it is said to be good for, PMS, constipation, arthritis, backache, muscle ache, parasitic infections and many more. You can read further more by just researching castor oil and immune system.




Coconut oil

Similarly, coconut oil is also said to aid in inflammation, help in digestion and improves immune system function.

*** You can just choose to buy one of the two – I personally have a 2 spoons of castor oil in the evening and I cook with coconut oil 🙂





If you don’t already have and take this regularly, then this would be my no.1 supplement you need to take. If I had to pick on it would be a high-quality probiotic! Why? because it is virtually impossible to repair a leaky gut, without a viable probiotic. However make sure to do your research a buy an EXCELLENT HIGH QUALITY PROBIOTIC which include all the essential strains in your capsule.



Now, I’ve honestly yet to try this but I am ordering some soon! This is an essential amino acid that is anti-inflammatory which has several health benefits including repairing the gut & intestinal lining. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Glutamine is produced in the muscles and is distributed by the blood to the organs that need it.  This is something our body naturally makes, however, in times of stress, glutamine levels can easily be depleted and therefore leaves you vulnerable to leaky gut.




A common mineral deficiency, zinc supports the immune system and healthy intestinal walls. A study also found that, Zinc supplementation tightens “leaky gut” in Crohn’s disease. If you are not sure whether you are zinc deficient check out this article including symptoms – https://draxe.com/zinc-deficiency-symptoms/

Digestive Enzymes

If you feel like your gidestive system takes forever to digest food, you might want to assist it by taking digestive enzymes before and after each meal. Enzymes help completely break down proteins, complex sugars and starches, which can in turn reduce intestinal inflammation.

Again do your research and aim to buy one that supports your body’s needs. A full spectrum enzyme supplement should contain the following:

  • Protease — breaks down proteins (including gluten)
  • Amylase — breaks down starches
  • Lipase — breaks down fats
  • Lactase — breaks down lactose in dairy



Triphala is an effective, gentle laxative that helps to detoxify the liver and the blood. It is a natural anti-inflammatory ayurvedic herb that helps to cleanse the colon by stimulating regular bowel movement and a safe formula you can take daily. You can buy in pill form or powder.






& here you have it. My supplements recommendation for those who are working on healing their gut and restoring their intestinal lining! Again don’t forget to do your own research and make sure you are buying the supplements that suits your individual needs 🙂


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