Happy Full Moon everyone! 🙂 I was unwell for few days and I got behind on my week’s goal so I am posting two posts today! But 1st since it’s a Full Moon weekend, check out my earlier post on the Full Moon Magic here and how you can make the most of it’s magical energy!



Okay, now we can move on to today’s post ‘Surviving Dark Night of the Soul’….

Having gone through this last summer I feel like I can share my tips and what I wish I knew back then. I am aware everyone’s experience is different and so will these tips, some might work better for you than others, but I will share what has helped me & what I wish I knew then & I hope you find this helpful.

It’s been a year since this all started and I’ve learnt a lot & trust me when I say it was a living hell, my personal experience at least!! I found my experience really intense, especially the first 4-8 weeks and that’s a long time, that’s a very long time to not be able to sleep peacefully. Some days I was only sleeping 4 hours a night and it wasn’t peaceful. I would wake up sensing someone was with me in the room, or get woke up by sleep paralysis, flashing lights, seeing things in my room, just to name few things…. And I still sense presence now and see things but it’s not bad, as I’ve educated myself about it now and the fact that I am aware makes the experiences not necessarily bad ! 🙂




So what are my tips to you to get out of the dark night of the soul experience or at least NOT prolong it ….

Firstly I just want to say that when all of this started I didn’t know what it was which made it 10 times worse! I wasn’t educated or informed about the spiritual realm, I didn’t believe in none of this, I thought I was losing my mind… when in reality I was just losing my ego. There is no such things as dark night of the soul, just dark nights of ego. Which brings me to my first tip:


  1. Talk to someone you trust, just talk and let it out:

Don’t fear that people will judge you. Because trust me when I say that surprisingly most people will actually be very understanding. I was actually shocked at how open people were, I thought why is no one addressing these things or talking about it? Most people avoid talking about it for many reasons but forget them for now, just remember that talking about it will actually make you feel so much better and you never know you might meet the right people through it! 🙂 I did & I met the most amazing people the past year and I am forever grateful.

You might also tell some people and they will find it funny & not be able to relate and that’s fine cause guess what they will forget about it before you even know it! If its not relevant to them, they will forget the conversation you had. Plus you will probably get a laugh about it too when you tell them 😉


  1. Educate yourself

This was enlightening experience! You will know that this is you not losing your mind, you will know that there is something beyond this and so you will research and look things up!! Weird shit! But this is the best part, you will learn so much and eventually you will have nothing to fear, which is exactly why we experience some of those dark nights.

This is our fears coming up to the surface and trust me when you are afraid to go to bed and turn off the lights at night, all you will get is dark beings testing you! My sleep paralysis stopped when I realized that it was my own fears, I was so afraid, I couldn’t move my body when I needed it to respond. So educate yourself, talk to someone who you think might be helpful and educated about some of this stuff. Looking back at how much i have learnt the past year is crazy!




  1. Check if your house is clean

I am not talking about clean in a physical 3D sense, I am talking about ghosts, entities, negative spirits living with you. This is not always the cause but you can always be on the safe side and just check and get it cleaned by someone who knows what they are doing and you can then look after it by sage-ing your home, buying plants and flowers weekly, buy and use crystals and salt water to cleanse and keep it vibrating positively! 🙂

Most homes and places have entities living there and it is by no means a reflection of you as a person, something I was so upset about for a while! You’ve simply just became more conscious of your surroundings and you’ve started to see beyond this 3D world, which could be the reason why now you are sensing those beings. So check if the vibration of your home is low or high.

Mine was actually, very low, and the person who tested if for me said it could also be the reason why I’ve been struggling with my health the past months, motivation and sleep. I didn’t even tell the person any of my health problems! i just simply asked him to check the vibration of the house! I was so shocked when he reported my medical check back, just by scanning my room through a picture!!


  1. Do not resist let it do its thing – simply observe

Okay by this I am talking about things that you can’t control. Like your sleeping pattern, eating habits, need to constantly rest, wanting to be alone, or even realizing that you need to make come life changes.  So for example, for me I had many nights where I could NOT sleep more than 3/4 hours, I would wake up at 3am and be so annoyed! I get stressed, worried I will be tired the next day, I haven’t had my 8hours sleep, omg this is just ridiculous and all that will get to me & stress me even more… until one day I was like, okay fine I will get up and guess what, these were the nights where I ended up learning and reading the right stuff, these are nights where I had download and realizations.

Your soul knows what it’s doing, trust the process and try and listen instead of resisting what you ‘think is not right for you!’. Rest when you need to rest, eat fruits if you feel like that’s all you want to eat, maybe your body needs to raise its own vibration. Maybe you will crave junk and meat, eat it! Maybe your body has been rising up so high it needs to be pulled down and grounded!


  1. Stop repressing & ignoring any signs you are getting

Go with the flow but be mindful. What is this trying to show you, teach you about yourself, or your reality. At the end of the day we go through a spiritual awakening, because our soul has had enough of being asleep!

So any signs, memories, pain that has come up – this is your time to deal wit it and let it go. The past is the past, we can’t change it, erase it, or sometimes forget it, but we can learn from it and accept it.


  1. Do look at the whole process in positive light

I know this is hard! Maybe your experience is really hard, frustrating & painful. Maybe you are feeling lonely, depressed & even suicidal. But try and get to the bottom of these emotions. Try to always ask why?


  1. Remember that what you’re going through is temporarily

No pain lasts forever! O no hold on, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER! This is a re-wiring process & it’s a good thing! Congratulations you are getting upgraded to a better version of yourself! 🙂

You are coming into alignment with who you actually are underneath the character who suffers, worries & feels anxious. Your true core self is emerging within you & the practical eventual outcome will be an upgraded version of yourself experienced as:

  1. More happiness – TRUE happiness
  2. More energy
  3. More joy
  4. More compassion for your fellow human being, even the really mean ones
  5. More inner peace, calm & tranquility


& here you have it guys, my advice to you and what has helped me  🙂

& remember if you are struggling with your spiritual awakening, remind yourself of these:

  • Remind yourself that it will end and its only temporary
  • Don’t resist – whatever you resist it persist.
  • Remind yourself that after this dark period you will be feeling better than ever! A new YOU will emerge
  • Remember that your symptoms are there for a reason & they will only stop once you make some changes. This could be your job, your routine, sleeping patterns & diet.
  • & finally, find someone you can talk to about all of this 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this post and found it helpful, share & like!

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