September challenge

Hey beautiful souls! I shared my Mind Body Spirit challenge last month on here and I thought why not share my monthly challenges with you on my blog, maybe inspire some of you to join me in my challenges or inspire you to create your own version or a bit of both 🙂


How did I do with last month’s challenge!!?

I think I did pretty AMAZING!!! I managed to complete everything on that list except do the week of eating raw (my digestion was pretty amazing eating cooked food so I skipped it) and I am yet to do the vision board sometime this week! I will I promise!


So this past month I’ve been thinking a lot about self-love (to read ‘what is self-love’ post click here) and how I just want to focus more on that right now, so I thought why not create a self love challenge for the month of September 2018!! 🙂




So here we go…

  1. Make sure I am a priority every day, meaning I fill my own cup before going out to the world. For me, this involves, meditating, journaling, working out, eating right & getting my mindset ready for the day!
  2. Start my day with a Self love meditation
  3. Create my own self-love affirmation mantras & read them every day
  4. Complete a 30 day Yoga challenge
  5. Write a list of things I love about myself & this is not limited to just physical
  6. Write a list of things I have accomplished this year
  7. Write a love letter to myself
  8. Self-care – Resting & Recharging my batteries when necessary
  9. Spend time with myself – do things alone!

Okay if you know me you know I’ve mastered this one, if I am honest maybe I am overdoing it a little! But I will include it here because it is really essential when it comes to self love. You need to learn to enjoy your wont company. Learn to sit with yourself, not constantly distracted with people or things to do.

  1. Following my earlier point, at least twice a week – spend some quality time with friends. Work on strengthening my bond with the amazing people I have in my life.
  2. Make an effort PHYSICALLY!!! (dress up, apply make-up, anything that makes me feel good about myself!)

^^^^ Lol okay I have to admit I kind have been so lazy, careless the past few months when it comes to appearance. Yes my style has become much more simple, and I don’t want to change that, however I can still make an effort, but applying some make-up and dressing up every now and then. Cause let’s be honest, sometimes our appearance does make a huge difference of how we feel.

This is actually funny! Most of the time, I actually dress up on my bad days, when I feel like shit. I find that it makes me feel better, even if it’s just a little. Whereas when I am happy with the way I look, I make no effort! I find it funny, because most people will think the opposite is true!! There like omg, “you look beautiful where you going?!”

Me: “Nowhere, just tricking my mind that I have my life together!” 🙂 lol

  1. Talking a selfie everyday!!! Okay this one might seem strange, but seriously the reason why I haven’t been taking many pictures the past year or so is because I actually don’t like the way I look most of the time L i don’t know what exactly happened but I don’t and maybe because I haven’t been looking at myself and appreciating what I already have… so I want to make this a habit. Some will say its narcissism, I will say its self-acceptance!




SO here you have it guys, who wants to join me??

Lots of love,

Arwa X







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