Morning everyone! Today is a somehow a random post about general health questions I  researched the past few months and found very helpful for my own personal journey! Which is why I wanted to share them with you today in hopes you get at least one thing out of it 🙂

These questions will cover:

  • Bloating tips
  • Weight loss tips
  • The key to burning fat
  • Whether carbs are essential
  • What causes sugar cravings
  • Alternative to sugar
  • Must foods to balance your hormones
  • Puffy face Tips

So here we go ….

  1. Sleepy after food?

You could either be NOT digesting your food properly & therefore need to acidify your stomach, with Apple Cider Vinegar OR you need to cut the grains & sugars which cause a spike in your insulin (Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas that allows your body to use sugar (glucose) from carbohydrates in the food that you eat for energy or to store glucose for future use. Insulin helps keeps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

The cells in your body need sugar for energy. However, sugar cannot go into most of your cells directly. After you eat food and your blood sugar level rises, cells in your pancreas (known as beta cells) are signaled to release insulin into your bloodstream. Insulin then attaches to and signals cells to absorb sugar from the bloodstream. Insulin is often described as a “key,” which unlocks the cell to allow sugar to enter the cell and be used for energy)

I personally have started taking digestive enzymes the past month & it has helped me so much along with supplements (more on my supplements list here) to support my gut to heal. Of course this is along, avoiding foods that do not sit well in my system (gluten, dairy, starch etc.).


  1. The seven most common food intolerances are:
  1. Gluten,
  2. Dairy,
  3. Eggs,
  4. Soy,
  5. Corn,
  6. Peanuts,
  7. Sugar
  8. Artificial sweeteners.

If you suffer from allergy, eczema, acne, sensitivities and not sure why or what may be causing it, try experimenting by eliminating the above foods gradually to see if you notice any improvements in your symptoms.




  1. 5 Tips to beat bloating
  • Avoid grazing or cut snacks, therefore 3-2 meals a day is best or even better if you can have 1 main meal a day and practice Intermittent fasting even better!
  • Avoid certain veggies/foods although they are healthy (for example you might find broccoli, cauliflower and some beans cause bloating and gas)
  • Avoid grains & sugars
  • Do not overeat – even on ‘clean healthy’ foods
  • Do not eat when you are not hungry




  1. Do we need carbohydrates?

Firstly a lot of people think you need carbohydrate for energy TURN OUT ITS A MYTH!! Read below for different types of carbohydrates and which you should have, limit and avoid!

  • Simple carbohydrates: sugar, agave & nectar etc.. They spike your insulin and then you get a dip. Thus these are best limited or even avoided altogether.
  • Complex carbohydrate: These include grains & vegetable. They provide additional nutrients like fibre.
  • Vegetables: Firstly we need our veggies for obvious reasons & of course fibre
  • Beans: Beans are good source of protein however for some people can cause problems (IBS?) so depends if beans sit well with you.
  • Grains: bread pastry etc… Most grains have gluten which cause irritation & disturb your digestion, so best to eliminate gluten at least. However grains overall are not that necessary cause they do NOT have as much nutrients as vegetables & fruits. Also if you have leaky gut, inflammation or autoimmune disease you might want to cut grains for a while and see how you feel.
  • Starches: (E.g. oats, rice, potato, plantain, corns, green peas) this is usually depends on the person you can experiment with this, go on a starch diet for a week & see how you feel, lose weight or not? People trying to lose weight probably won’t, because starches turn into sugar very fast! starches are good for many people of you are trying to gain weight or if you are an athletes (go for white potato & wild rice)


  1. Looking to burn & lose fat?
  • Avoid those 3 fat making hormones!!!
  • 3 fat making hormones: cortisol (stress hormone), insulin (get rid of sugar, starches, grains, snacking too much) & estrogen which makes you gain weight in the hips, upper arms, lower stomach (GMO foods, soy, corn, beet sugar)



Weight loss is really not as simple and straight forward as calories in calories out – hormones play a HUGE role when it comes to losing weight. When was the last time you checked on your hormones? Are you stressed? are you happy? are you eating the right food for your body?


Microsoft Word - Table 1


  1. Fat BURNING hormone – GLUCAGON & how to turn it on:
  • Exhaustive exercise (exercises which aim for the whole body, spin, rope skipping) however do it for 20-30mins max! Everyday other day!
  • Protein – moderate amount of protein because you can’t put weight of consuming protein
  • Decreasing insulin – cutting out sugar, hidden sugar, excessive sugar, cut the snacking & good sleep at night


  • SLEEP: You burn the most while asleep therefore sleep is really important – it also turns on the growth hormone (another fat BURNING hormone).
  • NUTRITION: Feed your adrenal (most people are adrenal fatigued!)


  • This approach is based on GROWTH HORMONE (fat burning hormone)
  • For 3 days eat 3 meals a day
  • For 3 days have 2 meals a day
  • For 3 days have 1.5 meals a day – meaning a shake & a big meals which will provide you with the nutrients you need that day
  • Then go back to 3 meals a day & rotate – however some people might rotate between 2 & 1.5 meals a day
  • What you doing here is spiking the Growth hormone which is important when losing weight/burning fat
  • Nutrition: what you eat is also IMPORTANT – Key is not beans, starches, sugars & high fat!

*** I wrote so many posts on benefits of intermittent fasting check them out:




  1. Why lowering your calories to lose weight DOES NOT WORK – this one is proven so stop starving yourself!!
  • Cutting calories slows your metabolism (this is what your body does to compensate for you low calories intake)
  • If you cut calories you do not have dramatic effect on the fat cell
  • However if you cut sugar – you will drop insulin which will impact your fat cells.
  • Thus, you want to focus on limiting your sugar intake, processed food and high fat foods to lose FAT!
  • Also don’t focus so much on the scales, as fat loss is not reflected on your weight! You can definitely lose weight fast however if you do lose more than 2Ib a week, that’s water weight and not fat loss!


  1. What your sugar craving may mean

=You’re either protein deficient or mineral deficient! 

  • Is it a habit? Avoid sugar for few days and see if that craving disappears.
  • You’re lacking minerals & not enough calories.
  • Too much salt. Avoid table salt and switch to pink Himalayan salt.
  • You’re dehydrated. Are you simply just thirsty?
  • Not chewing your food enough. Make sure to chew – this is my weakness! I eat way too fast!




  1. Best alternative to refined sugar

** Just make sure you are not sensitive to these alterative sweetners

  • xylitol sweetener
  • Monk fruit – zero calories!
  • Erythritol
  • Stevia – but I hate the taste!
  1. These five foods are an “absolute must” to naturally balance your hormones.
  • Healthy Omega 9 Fats (Avocadoes, Almonds, Olive Oil)
  • Short Chain Fatty Acid (Grass-fed Butter, Ghee, Organic Kefir and Yogurt)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid (Wild Caught Salmon, Chia seeds, Flax seeds, Walnuts)
  • Medium Chain Fatty Acid (Coconut oil and Coconut Products)
  • GLA (Hemp Seeds)

13. Do you notice that your face is puffier some days than others – this could be due to many different factors (check out my post about it here). However I found the following tips help a lot:

  • Avoid gluten & dairy – or anything that may be irritating you
  • Apply ice pack – quick hack for both face & eyes
  • Drink plenty of water but not right before bed (no water after 9pm)!
  • MAKE SURE you sweat EVERYDAY!!! SMASH A SWEATY CARDIO SESSION everyday if you can….
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, especially, greens, carrots, apples
  • Reduce your sugar intake including those from fruits!

I hope you found this post informative and interesting 🙂

Arwa X


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