Relax these are not necessarily bad symptoms 🙂

  1. Synchronicity

Seeing repeated numbers repeatedly! You Google it up and you end up with angel numbers. You’re not weird, you were led to receive a message 🙂




  1. Overly sensitive

Okay, this one is a little annoying!!! But look at it in a positive way & use it to help people but don’t let it ever drain you. Remember you are like a channeler, use your physical body as a channel to transfer energy & don’t let it SUCK your own energy. Also you might want to practice grounding & protection to keep your energy levels up.


  1. Empathetic

Tip: Don’t label yourself an ‘empath’ and use that as an excuse to let things & people drain your energy. Like I said before, you are a channeller use that to your power and watch life becomes easier.


  1. Ability to channel things (your passion) into physical form.

You realize your thoughts are becoming reality and so you are more conscious of the things you feed your mind, more positive and less negative.




  1. Psychic awareness & abilities (i.e. clairvoyance (seeing aura, lights, flashing around people or knowing what people would say before they do)




You spiritual awakening might have awakened one or more of your psychic abilities and so you are now left to do the work and tap into that 😉



  1. Life keeps speeding up and won’t stop!

Seriously! Didn’t we just enter 2018 & now we are already in September! Before you know it will be 2019…


  1. Higher self connection

You have or will have glimpses of your higher self – meditate & work on that connection it will become stronger & easier 🙂

Anyways I’ll leave it here, I hope you all enjoyed this post.

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