Are you fed up with your current meaningless job?

Maybe a 9-5 boring job, that sucks your energy leaving you exhausted to do the things you actually want to do…

Tired of doing something you don’t love…

Working for someone’s else dream and not your own …

Tired of spending most of your time doing something, that doesn’t get you excited first thing in the morning….

Are you longing for that thing that will add purpose, meaning & excitement to your life But you have no idea what the heck it is…

Keep reading, I might be able to help you find it.

Firstly, to identify the what and how of purpose we need to understand what purpose really means.

Purpose is NOT what you do – it is what you are.

Give yourself a break and realize that you are here for a purpose and that you are living your purpose by just being you – the light side of you, not the dark 😉

Most of us underestimate ourselves and what we are here to achieve by simply being true ourselves.




Lets first address few things that might stop from finding out our life purpose and calling…

Few things that may block you from living your life purpose:

  1. When you don’t believe you have a purpose in this life
  2. When you can’t be yourself & you don’t value yourself as an individual
  3. When you can’t express yourself freely – especially creatively
  4. When you are constantly comparing yourself to others & their journey
  5. When you are afraid that others will judge you – are you judging them?
  6. & the biggest one of all FEAR – fear of judgments, fear of failing, fear of shining… FEAR of the UNKNOWN




Now push these aside & focus on what you can achieve and do today instead… there will always be fear, there will always be others ahead of you, there is no such thing as security & certainty so why waste time thinking and focusing on things we CAN NOT change.

Instead, I suggest you ask yourself the following questions for some clarity & direction:

  1. Who am I and what are my values?
  2. What jobs and activities have I enjoyed in the past and why?
  3. Who or what is preventing me from being my true self?
  4. What qualities and attributes do I have that make the world a better safer place?
  5. Do I have any special qualities and what are they?
  6. What do I love or passionate about right now in your life? Can I make this a living
  7. What do I love to do/be in my free time and in my personal life?
  8. If there were no risks, uncertainty, fears what would I be doing today? Or what do you see yourself doing?


Some of these answers might come to you right away, but others might take time. Perhaps you need to go on a self discovery journey. This is part of your life purpose, discovering who you are and what your mission is in this life is our birth right so do that.




You don’t need to pack your stuff and move abroad and backpack living a minimalist life! If you want to do that and you can go for it. But if you can’t, then take some time to yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job either, just means making some time for reflection and studying who you are.


Find out the following:

  1. Passion = what do you love to do
  2. Mastery = what is one thing you are willing to master and get really good at
  3. Values = from family to education to money – what are your core values in life that bring you pleasure
  4. Mission = who do you want to become. We don’t become happy by what we do or achieve we become happy by who we become in the process of reaching them.


& here you have it guys these are some of the things that have helped me figure out mine. I am sorry it is not a straightforward quiz to your life purpose. This take working on our selves, time and patience.

Hope you found this post useful 🙂

Lots of love,

Arwa X

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