You know its open that’s why you here! But you want to confirm right 😉

Firstly I do what to say that by 3rd eye, we do not necessarily just mean vision, it’s about knowing, awareness, intuition. There are varies psychic abilities from smell, hear, vision, sense, taste and they all are governed by our 3rd eye.

Here are some of the signs that your 3rd eye is opening:

  1. Pressure on your 3rd eye area
  2. Tingling and vibration on your 3rd eye area
  3. You see visions/light stuff going on when your eyes are shut
  4. You start to see a lot of synchronicity and repeated numbers
  5. You’ve noticed your intuition has become stronger
  6. You’ve become sensitive to sounds & light
  7. You become a more conscious eater, as you notice low vibration foods effects you
  8. You start to get more headaches (unfortunately) & pressure from your 3rd eye center
  9. Spiritual information will find you – you’ll find yourself learning more and more about the spiritual realm without you even going directly searching
  10. You start to see the world as one – We are all connected – this praise finally makes sense to you.
  11. You might start to experience sleep paralysis at night
  12. You might find yourself having lucid dreams and/or out of body  experiences (OBE)
  13. You see yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience.
  14. You lose the fear of death because you realize you are an eternal being & you start to focus more on experiences instead.
  15. You stop taking the world and yourself too seriously! You start to understand how the game of life, karma and how universe works 🙂
  16. You understand that your “thoughts create your reality”. That is no longer a screenshot quote on your phone! You are living a more mindful life with positive thoughts 🙂

Hope this list helps & confirms it for you ! it will become more and more stronger as time goes, but you are also able to shut it off if you want sometimes we do that subconsciously, where fear takes over and you block your own third eye out of fear.

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Lots of Love,

Arwa X

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