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6 Things To Focus on To Transform Your Life Today


Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share something I’ve learnt from my friend & coach Ryan few weeks ago and something I am constantly reminding myself about to help me stay focused on my goals & dreams.

I think these 6 things are really crucial & can be implemented in all areas of life, from fitness goals to starting your own business!! 🙂

So here they are, I will list them first and then discuss each and explain why each is crucial:





Okay by target I simply mean a goal. But I mean seriously making your mind and PICKING a goal. Could be one or two goals you want to achieve but the most important thing is MAKING THE DECISION TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL.

I say this because, for the past few months I have been struggling to make any progress and move forward in regards to my health, career, personal development because I was simply just looking at all my interests and getting excited by the IDEA, when in reality I was just day dreaming! Nothing wrong with dreaming, but dreams are only achieved when we take ACTIONS.

So, this is what you need to do before anything MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF TO FOCUS ON X for the next 21-90 days depending on how big your goal is.

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, I say it takes 90 days! Because then you have completed your 21 day challenge 😉 and you continued to focus on your goal for 3 months, it has now become part of you.


By this I mean your reasons behind your goal. WHY do you want to achieve this goal?

This is a really important step, because it will tell you how bad you want to achieve this goal, whether you motivation is intrinsic or extrinsic (and extrinsic motivation never last long) and they will always be your fuel in your low days. It will also tell you whether this goal is worth the time or not and maybe you will realize that it is not for you. So move on to something better.

Once you have decided what your goal is – I want you to write down why you want to achieve this. What will this goal add to your life? How will you feel once you have achieved this goal? Will it transform you as a person? Add value to your life? Will it help others?


Now that we have our eyes on our goal, I want you to start taking actions mentally.

Meaning, do you believe you will achieve this goal? Do you have any limiting beliefs? Do you have a list of negative thoughts running in your mind? If you can’t see yourself getting from here to there, if you don’t believe you are worthy, able and good enough to achieve this goal – you might as well forget it!!

Yes I know we all have fears, limiting beliefs and we certainly all have negative thoughts on daily basis – but I want you to shift your focus on what you want to CREATE, what you want to ACHIEVE and BELIEVE in yourself.



This is you identifying what GIVES & TAKES energy from you. This could include habits you have developed over time, lack or over indulging in food, lack or too much exercise & people who simply drain your energy! We have no time for that cut it.

So before taking any action towards your goals, you need to sit down and think about your day to day life and identity any ENERY SUCKERS!!

I am not saying drop some of your friends right away if you identified that this is one of the things that drains you. I just want you to become aware of it and set some boundaries. For example, if you’re the kind of person who is always there for people, trying to be the healer! Realize that this has not served you at all, therefore take a step back and prioritize your time to your own well being. Learn to say NO, realize that for you to be able to help others you need to fill your own cup first.

For me I realized last month, that I spend so much time reading and researching!  Some of you might think how is that bad – but it is. I personally want to SHARE, I want to create CONTENT. I love learning and seriously I would happily go back to studying doing course after course but that clashes with my goals of wanting to help others, sharing my knowledge, creating content and so on. So once I made that realization I decided to put this HOBBY of mine aside while focusing on my main goal RIGHT NOW.


This goes hand in hand with the 1st point (target) but further.

I want you to see yourself in 6 months from now, in a year from now, in 5 years if you want to!! 🙂

Even better create a MAINFESTATION vision board for yourself. This is for you, no one has to see it. Place it somewhere you can see on a daily basis and this will remind you of your goals and work on your subconscious and make your visions a reality as you look at the board every day.

The whole point of a vision board is to bring you VISION into REALITY. 🙂


Now we have the basics covered, the ACTION begins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE planning, writing & organizing – which is all great stuff! However I need to make a move and take ACTIONS.

If you are anything like me you will be writing down lists of things you want to achieve and this lists gets bigger by the day. To do lists, goals, life goals, dreams….

STOP. Just stop, go back to the first step in the post and pick one thing, focus on this one thing for the next 21-90 days like I said. Get good at it, smash that goal and then move on to the next one.

You achieve your goals by TAKING ACTIONS not saying you will.

This is the biggest and maybe the hardest step, which is why without it won’t happen.

So make a plan, manage your time, use your skills – what have you learnt the past months/years that will be useful right now.

You need to learn to manage your time. This could be dedicating X hours a day for a task, X days in a week/month for your goal, the most goal is time management.

You do this by organizing your weeks and/or months in advance. Allocating time to different tasks and learning how to stick to your plan. Sometimes things don’t go all as planned, but this is good practice, as you start your day knowing what you want to achieve and you get on it.

Time management is really important as it saves you time, you are much more focused and clear about what you are doing, you have a goal to reach each day, week & month and it helps you tackle your goals one by one.

& here you have it guys, my 6 steps to making your dreams a reality 🙂

Lots of love,

Arwa X


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