Hey all, today I will share with you what I know of sleep paralysis. What is it? Why it happens? & how it is NOT necessarily a bad thing!! 🙂

So what is sleep paralysis? In case you haven’t experienced it before…

When you are in sleep paralysis, you wake up in a dream state but are unable to move. You are able to open your eyes, but when you try to get up you feel stuck. Often people see and/or sense a presence when they open their eyes. Some say they see a dark figured person, some feel a pressure on their chest, but mainly many of these experiences are dark and feel evil.

So far I’ve had sleep paralysis maybe 5 times last summer in a space of one month.

My first experience, I sensed a person behind me but I couldn’t move. This happened twice actually.


Another time I sensed a presence and heard a voice talking to me but it wasn’t a human language!

Another time, I saw a small figure walking on my desk bed.

& one morning, I opened my eyes and my curtains were rolling up and down! I couldn’t move or talk, i was pinned to the bed & paralyzed.

All those experiences scared the shit out of me, I honestly was terrified for my life & I think it was mainly because I didn’t realize what was happening (didn’t understand sleep paralysis then), it was the start of my spiritual awakening journey (no knowledge at all) and I was afraid – which I believe now was the some of the stuff I saw was my fears projected!

Firstly let me tell you that only one type of people experience sleep paralysis and that is = highly conscious individuals.

If you searched sleep paralysis most things will be fear based and terrifying stories that will have you wishing that it won’t happen to you.

But from experience and what I know today, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Why? Because you are awake during your dream state (which is insane), but If you are able to do that, imagine what you can do if you decide to explore the dream world!




This is why I say it’s a good thing, it can be a great thing if you allow it 🙂

Firstly you have to realize that many of the things we see in our dreams are our subconscious mind. So if you were going to bed, afraid to what might happen you will only attract negative experiences. It is our beliefs of the unknown and not the unknown itself that haunts us.

So research sleep paralysis, explore the spiritual realm and educate yourself about the spiritual realm because that will eliminate your fears.

Most of us have been told to not go there, it’s bad, it’s evil, it’s the devil, do not talk to spirits/ghosts, but I am telling you all of that is a lie.

One you realize the truth there will be nothing to fear.

Once you have overcome your fears your sleep paralysis will stop (which is what happened to me) or you might be lucky and still experience it but not as much.

If you do, here what you can do:

  • Face your demons and realize it was an illusion all along 🙂
  • Explore lucid dreaming
  • Explore the astral plane
  • Or cut the crap & get out of there, by wiggling you fingers & toes! Lol

Yes that will get you out of there 🙂

Letting go of your fears, exploring lucid dreaming and astral projection is easier said than done. It takes time and practice, maybe even years so don’t beat yourself about it. I haven’t myself explored the astral realm but I have dealt with my fears about it, which got rid of sleep paralysis for now!

Anyways I just wanted to share with you my experience, what I did, and what I wish I knew earlier!

I hope you found this post useful & interesting!

Lots of Love,

Arwa X

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