DNA activation symptoms is simply another term to describe kundalini or spiritual awakening 🙂 check out my previous post on Spiritual Awakening Symptoms here.

Below is a longer list of symptoms many people go through:

  1. Body aches & pains including headaches
  2. Career change, wanting to service others which is tied to your soul purpose
  3. Change in family relationships & friendships
  4. Connecting with your soul tribe or need to find them
  5. Burning sensation & tingling in the feet
  6. Light bulb keeps burning out in your presence
  7. Forgiving, letting go of the past & cutting cords
  8. Trusting your intuitive nature
  9. Unusual sleep habits, maybe insomnia
  10. Wanting to be alone & isolated
  11. Intense dreams & visions
  12. Physical disorientation (moving between 3D & 5D)
  13. Judgments removed of self & others
  14. Changes in physical appearance
  15. Your eyes may go through a change, look heavy & tired for a while
  16. Feeling of loneliness
  17. Weight changes
  18. Zero tolerance of negativity
  19. Some days loss of passion & other days highly creative
  20. Deep longing to go home
  21. Heart chakra expansion & unconditional love
  22. Desire to find your twin flame or have found him/her
  23. When you close your eyes, it is no longer dark, you start to see light
  24. Seeing energies, receiving channeling or communication from the spirit realm (assessing other dimensions)
  25. Moments of hyperactivity
  26. Manifestation happening quicker & more often
  27. Increase in paranormal activities
  28. Digestion problems
  29. Changes in sex drive
  30. Experiencing astral travel, remote viewing and/or telepathic communication
  31. Psychic abilities ‘clairs’ being activated
  32. Time speeding up, losing time of track
  33. Noticing number sequences, 111,333,555 etc
  34. No longer care what anyone thinks of you. You stand in your authentic self for the world to see, all masks removed.
  35. Loss of fear & regain personal will power
  36. Back & neck pain, a feeling of growing etheric wins metamorphosis

Hope you found this post interesting & helpful! 🙂

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