Today I want to talk about the different stages of dark night of the soul & how depression is not necessarily a bad thing!

I now see depression as a means of transformation. Depression during a spiritual awakening is simply a start of your transformation.

However, I am not saying you shouldn’t professional seek help if you are going through depression right now. If you are questioning your life and considering/thinking about ending it, then please do seek professional help and talk to someone about it.

This is just my personal experience and what I found many other people go through after a spiritual awakening.

Let’s start by defining, dark night of the soul…

So what is dark night of the soul?

A process many people (not everyone) goes through it but many people do when they have their spiritual awakening. It is called ‘dark’ as the person in it goes through a series of different low phases, including, depression, isolation, loneliness and identity loss. However the purpose of it is for the person to find out their true self and their life purpose.

It can hit you at any point in your life (no particular age), and sometimes it happens more than once. It has not specific time to how long it lasts, it really depends on the individual.


To help you understand it more and to find out if you may be going through it, read the   different phases below:

  1. Identity crisis

You question who you are. Everything you have done to this day, your job, what you were taught in school, your religion/culture, your beliefs, just to name a few. You realize ‘you’ was really not who you are and you start to slowly disassociate everything you know yourself to be so far. Leading you to the 2nd phase….

  1. Grieving

You grieve this identity loss. As you realize all this time this has not been the real you. Although it is a good thing that the mask is starting to fall off, it is actually harder to process, as you are about to change everything (at least most things) about yourself and what you believed to be true for the past X years of your life. This is why it’s a grieving process, as you are about to start and rebuild the new you, leading you to the 3rd phase….

  1. Disconnection & isolation

You go into a cycle of questioning everything, regrets, sadness, you don’t know who you are anymore and so you tend to isolate yourself from everyone you know. It is lonely and you will feel alone, however this is when and where you start to discover the real you. Your beliefs, your identity, your traumas, your story and so on. However, because you feel lonely and because most people will feel like they are the only ones going through this, you might have a breakdown and struggle to know what to do or what’s even real or illusion! Leading you to the 4th phase….

  1. You ask for help (finally!)

You might get to a point where you can NOT take it anymore, and so you break and seek help! Not just from people but from the universe. You’ve had enough trying to figure it out yourself and so you might reach out to anyone you know, hoping they would help. You may even start praying asking for help from the universe… & what do you think happens when you ask for help? You get it. taking you to the next stage….

  1. The light comes in

You start to receive signs and messages that you notice and you know deep inside of you there is a meaning behind this. So you start to pay attention and follow the signs. You realize you are not alone, there is a team behind you helping you and guiding you. All you had to do was to ask for help 🙂 you start to slowly learn and realize the meaning of life and why we are here. You are no longer depressed as you realize there is a purpose to life, to all of this. Which lead you to the final phase ….

  1. You find your life purpose

As you move towards your truth, we are moving towards our life purpose. This is why we go through dark night of the soul/spiritual awakening in the first place. For us to find ourselves, for us to help and therefore help everyone around us heal. This will not happen overnight, this will take time but it will get easier from here.

Before this entire most of us, live a selfish lifestyle, everything is about us and for us. The other side of dark night of the soul, is us serving others, and this isn’t something you will HAVE TO DO, this will be what you will truly want to do 🙂

If you are still in the dark early phases, remember:

  • You’re not alone – although I know it feels like you’re the only one in it!
  • This shall pass
  • There is a light at the end of the tunnel

I hope you found this post useful and somehow helpful. Please share, comment & do follow my blog to get notified of when I post next.

Lots of love,

Arwa X


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