Today I want to share with you a list of signs that might help you know for sure whether you are an empath or not.

Firstly what is an Empath?

An empath is someone with strong ability to feel the emotions, energy & thoughts of others. Sometimes the feeling is too intense and the person (empath) ends up withdrawing from others to protect themselves. A lot of empath will hate this and look at it as a curse, as it’s really overwhelming and draining.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, it truly is a gift and if managed it becomes one of your psychic powers – clairsentience.

I will share in a future post how to manage it, but first let’s go over major signs that indicate you are an empath:

  1. Clear Knowing – you know information you didn’t research or was told
  2. Experience anxiety quite often & sometimes you don’t even know why – you could be picking it up from someone else
  3. Feel other people’s emotions as your own
  4. You have mood swings regularly
  5. You feel exhausted & overwhelmed in crowded situations
  6. You can spot a fake person & a liar easily
  7. You’ve been told many times you are too sensitive
  8. Unable to watch violence, because you can feel it
  9. You are a inner lie detector – I thought this was the Scorpio in me!
  10. Observing physical symptoms of others as your own
  11. Digestive disorders & lower back issues
  12. People feel really comfortable talking to you and they share their problems with you, even if you’re not very close to them
  13. Constantly fatigued – all the energy you pick up drains you if when you don’t know how to manage it
  14. Issues with addictions – currently in it or had a past experience. This includes food, drugs, sex etc.
  15. Attracted to energy work, reiki, tarot, psychic, mediums – everything metaphysics related
  16. Very creative, this is not just art. Which I personally thought of as soon as someone said creative. But you could be creative writer, communicator, problem solving, and negotiation. Creativity simply means creating something.
  17. Love for nature & animals
  18. Need for solitude to recharge & centre yourself
  19. Get bored or distracted easily. Ever thought you had ADD or ADHD??
  20. Struggle to do things you do NOT enjoy. Work, conversation, friends, small talk, you will cut all of that eventually.
  21. Always seeking the truth
  22. Always seeking knowledge & studying anything that interest you
  23. Despite any declutter in your life.
  24. Constantly day dreaming – it’s okay its part of being creative 🙂
  25. Hate authority, control, laws, rules, being told what to do or think!
  26. You love freedom
  27. You are able to walk into a room and pick the energy of it right away – sense if something just happened
  28. You might struggle with your weight – some empaths tend to carry extra weight which is usually energetic, carrying other people’s problems & worries
  29. People tell you are a great listener – hence people always come to you and share their issues with you
  30. You recognize & despite narcissist. Because you’ve have your experience with them & you don’t want to deal with them again.

& here you have it, I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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10 thoughts on “30 Signs you are an Empath

  1. Being an Empath is VERY difficult! I wish Spirit gave us an instruction book on how to deal with all these feelings. They did tell me wearing an aquamarine would help as it help all those emotions “roll off” like a waterfall. It does help believe it or not and it’s the necklace of choice when I have to hit the crowds.

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