Hey 🙂 !! You guys seemed to have really enjoyed the last 2 posts on empaths:

So today, I am glad to share with you the different types of empaths there are, something I only discovered few weeks ago! Enjoy & let me know which one you are! 🙂

  1. Emotional Empath

Most common type of empath. You are able to feel sense & absorb other people’s emotions. You go to work and all of a sudden you feel irritated, tired and don’t know what it is. But once you leave work everything is back to normal & those feeling are no longer there. You could have absorbed someone else’s emotions at work.

It can be confusing & overwhelming, especially when you can’t differentiate if these emotions are yours or others. However, this can be a powerful tool, if you are working to help people – if you are nurse, psychologist, teachers, doctor, even marketing and so on.

  1. Intellectual Empath

You are able to understand others and how they got from A to B from their perspective. It is an awareness of the need to imaginatively put oneself in the place of others so as to genuinely understand them. To have intellectual empath is to be able to accurately reconstruct the viewpoints and reasoning of others and to reason from premises, assumptions, and ideas other than one’s own.

  1. Physical Empath

You are able to feel someone else’s physical pain. It is great if you are considering being a medical intuitive if you haven’t maybe to time to consider! 🙂 this is really a powerful skill, as you will be able to even connect with people who can not express their pain, people in comas and even children. The downside, is that you might think these symptoms are yours, which is sometimes the reason behind some mystery illnesses!

  1. Plant Empath

You are able to understand and connect with plants and mother Gaia. You understand how they work and what they need and you will be able to know what are the benefits of different plants including plant medicine. You are also able to reset and recharge be just spending time in nature 🙂

  1. Crystal empath

You love love love crystals!! You connect, feel & understand all crystals. Able to tell how they work and their benefits

  1. Animal Empath

Connect easily with animals maybe even more than humans! you love animals so much that your diet is also likely to be influenced by it – these empaths tend to be vegetarian or vegan.

For all types, you need to be able to differentiate between whats yours and others – is this really how my body feel or is it something i’ve picked up from someone close by? It is very exhausting & draining initially but once you understand it and have power and control over your emotions you will see it as a blessing 🙂

Hope you found this post interesting 🙂

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