Hey all! So I thought today I would share and talk about the difference between Empaths, Intuition, Psychics, Mediums & Channelers! Somehting that i didn’t know much about few months ago and now i do, so might as well share my knowledge! 🙂


Let’s first address the difference between showing empathy & sympathy.

Empathy: you truly FEEL what that person is going through

Sympathy: you understand what they are going through

An empath is someone with strong ability to feel the emotions, energy & thoughts of others. Sometimes the feeling is too intense and the person (empath) ends up withdrawing from others to protect themselves. A lot of empath will hate this and look at it as a curse, as it’s really overwhelming and draining.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, it truly is a gift and if managed it becomes one of your psychic powers – clairsentience.



Something we all have and can learn to trust. I think all other gifts described in this post require a good sense of intuition but the main difference that separate someone who is just intuitive and someone who is a psychic is that intuition is usually involves information about the self and circumstances that affect OUR lives.

Also psychic can turn on and off their power, whereas intuitive just get a flash of insights out of the blue usually because it helping them, guiding them from a current situation they are experiencing.



Being psychic involves relying on your five senses and our logical brain to gather & process information.

The Four Major Intuitive Abilities briefly described below:

  • Clairvoyance = clear seeing. Clairvoyance is an inner seeing.
  • Clairsentience = clear feeling. Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.
  • Clairaudience = clear hearing.
  • Claircognizance = clear knowing.

Being a psychic you can see versus feel (empathic quality) whereas being a medium means you can communicate with the other spirits from the spiritual realm or other planes.



I believe all of those terms require the person to have a good sense of their intuition.

However, being psychic, medium, or a channeler doesn’t necessarily mean you are empathic. You could be but you don’t have to.

Some are born with these the gifts of being a psychic medium or channeler.

Whereas, an empath, which is in itself is a gift, could go and develop any of the above gifts once they are able to manage and control their sensitivity.

All mediums are also psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. A medium is a psychic who has fine-tuned their extrasensory perception and can connect wit other spirits in other dimensions.

If a medium, for example, uses their clairaudient abilities to perceive information from clients (humans with Spirit), they are transferring this tool of hearing, to receive information from Spirit, without physical body.

Mediumship is the practice of certain people known as mediums to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. There are different types of mediumship, including spirit channeling and ouija.



Channelling is when a person’s body being taken over by a spirit for the purpose of communication. Channelers, also sometimes known as psychic mediums, often use what are called “spirit guides,” friendly spirits who give them knowledge and help them on their spiritual journeys.

Channelers are basically psychic mediums with a specialty. They focus on communicating with spirit guides, ascended masters and angels.

Traditionally, channelers are channeling messages from advanced spirits, usually to communicate spiritual wisdom about life and the afterlife.

Just remember the main difference that separate a channeler and a medium is that a channeler’s body is taken over by spirit when communication is happening.

Channeling is very hard work for many humans, as the channeler has to be able to shut down their own rational mind, ego, logical processor & personal belief systems to allow messages to flow through them.

& here you have it. I hope this helped clarify the different terms and highlighted the differences between all.

Stay tuned, soon will discuss difference between shamans, healers (light & dark), light workers & witches!! I am excited 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Difference between Empaths, Intuition, Psychics, Mediums & Channelers

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you for sharing! I am an empath with a powerful gift I am only beginning to tap into. This seems a concise and encompassing summation of terms I use frequently.

  2. I am a Sibyl and I have only recently discovered the word empath.
    I thought I suffered from Asperger’s phobic traits but now I believe myself to be
    Lots of love
    Sibyl X

  3. Ok I did not realize or know a lot of this. I did not know if you had all 4 clairs it means you are psychic. (I did read that right, right?) I have all 4 clairs and suspect my oldest to have those as well. But going deeper-I have sooo many questions about being able to see, feel and/or feel spirits and souls who have passed on. I have never channeled – I am so glad for that clarification. But my daughter and I both have this invisible revolving door that living people and spirits/souls come through a lot. People seeking counseling, energy vamps etc, the spirit world is high traffic. Some wanting me to pass on info to loved ones, some I think are just lost, some I can’t figure out. I’ve had some generally terrifying experiences and some pretty amazing, unbelievable experiences. I’ve also learned that I can conjure them intentionally and unintentionally. I generally don’t like to conjure though. I don’t want anything bad coming through. But I’m learning more all the time. This post of yours helped to clarify differences between the names. Thank you 🙏 Blessings to you.

    1. Again thank you for your comment, you don’t need to have all to be called a psychic… we all have all of them naturally however, there is usually one main one that is strong for each person. For instance, my main gift is Claircognizant, its very natural to me in comparison to the rest, however that doesn’ti can open up and work on the other psychic abilities, for instance clairvoyance. Which i find difficult but i suspect it could also be due to the fact that in this life time I am meant to trust my intuition and not rely on vision. I hope that makes sense 🙂 Lots of love, Arwa XXX

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