Are you wondering when will your spiritual awakening going to end?

Are your experiences dark and negative experiences and your just done with it all.. Are you seeing shadows, spirits, feeling a presence in your room and realizing that this ‘spiritual awakening’ bullshit is not what you want…

This is exactly how I felt a year ago and I just wanted it all to end.

When will this end? this was something I’ve asked myself last summer over and over and searched for answers on the internet and trust me some of the answers and the stories I found, made it worse and for a while I thought I was done! This is my life, I am too sensitive for my own good, I am stuck, I have to sleep with the lights on forever now…

Until something shifted in me, I realized that I was focusing so much on the negative aspects of it and not taking charge of my life and thoughts! Fear was eating me inside out, fear was attracting those negative experiences in the first place, as it was all in my head (imagining the worse experience when nothing has happened) & kept me trapped for a long time.

What is Fear?

Fear is a resistance of mind to an imagination of conditioned mind, that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events.




Okay I know this is probably not what you want to hear, I’ve been there, and I was told that I need to not fear anything, as they can’t harm me. But how can I fear something I don’t understand.

& That’s exactly what you need to do, research it, study it, find answers, find if there is any hidden messages, any trauma coming up to the surface that you need to address. You are experiences what you are experiencing for a reason and only you can find the answer.

For example, for me I was TERRIFIED to go home (I live alone) at the end of each day. I honestly remember going home and I would be scared to find someone waiting for me. I slept with the lights on for weeks.. I was too scared to put my eye mask on at night, in case I get another sleep paralysis episode and I won’t be able to see what’s happening… I didn’t put my headphones on at home in case, you know someone walks behind me and I don’t hear them…! It was a living nightmare!

But I had enough of it all and I decided to educate myself, I wanted to understand it, I wanted to learn about spirits, of course I am going to fear the unknown. Especially when the unknown has been projected to be this evil demonic negative spirit, conditioned by what society, religion, media and what most of us THINK it is.

Forget about when it’s going to end? Or how long it will last? It will end once you decide to take control and REALIZE that you are in control.

Nothing can harm you PHYSICALLY – whereas emotionally and psychologically that’s in your power (in your mind).

So try and focus on the other positive aspects of your awakening, and not pay so much attention to the negative aspects of your experiences.

It will end & you will look back and laugh at it all! 😉

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Arwa X

2 thoughts on “How Long is This Spiritual Awakening Going to Last?

  1. Looking forward to each new post.

    My awakening came in the form of investigative research after moving from a loving nurtuturing US state to a backwards, bigoted, fear-driven one. Writing my book, The Advocate, was my catharsis initially from the greed and inhumanity seen as an ICU nurse that led to needless deaths sometimes daily.

    My writing took me so much deeper…my book now is really about my journey as an empath and spiritual traveler. The ending to write itself this winter as I consciously return this time to the spirit world with awareness and courage.

    Removing fear or running through it has been paramount. Your posts, along with other recent sources ensure me an awakening is coming.


    1. I find writing on my blog and creating itcontent has also helped so much…. 🙂 i am still healing but i decided instead on focusing on working on fixing and treating my problems i should work on something in love and the rest will fix itself! spend the past 18 months worrying and fighting my problems – its time we share our gifts! we’ll never be perfect X

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