Hey all! 🙂 yes today’s post might be random for some but hey, we still talking about healers, energies and the spiritual realm 😉

Firstly, the word Witch is often used or viewed by many people as a bad evil woman, who worships the devil and sacrifices in exchange for what she wants. But if you look at the history of where the word stem from, you will find out that the words witch & witchcraft was used to describe women who refused to confirm patriarchal rules. These women were outside of the societal status quo and refused to just follow orders that they did not agree with or believed to be right.

These women were and are natural healers of the Earth. Witches love the Earth and worship NATURE not Satan. What you see represented in media and Hollywood movies, that dark evil image of a witch is a myth and far from the truth.

Witches usually align themselves with the cycles of the Earth & the phases of the Moon & they live by the understanding of karma that everything they do comes back to them.

To be a witch means you are also a Goddess, Priestess, Healer, Shaman & wise women who are here to serve and work with our Great Mother (Earth).


Here are 15 signs you might e a Witch:

  1. You love nature and feel so connected and drawn to it
  2. You love animal & sometimes even feel more drawn to them than humans
  3. If you are drawn to the moon
  4. You are drawn to the healing art than traditional medicine
  5. If you love the occult = metaphysics, astrology, tarot cards, the kabalah
  6. You tapping into your psychic abilities = say you know when someone is about to ring you, or you have a feeling something will happen, or this item will go on sale. That’s you tapping into your intuition 🙂
  7. Overly sensitive = you are empathetic. You are overly sensitive say you heard someone has passed away, but you didn’t even know that persona and you suddenly find yourself crying. you know that’s not you, that’s actually you tapping into someone’s emotions. You also know you are empathetic when you continue to draw troubled people into your life. Because we by nature are healers and those people are attracted to our energy, they might not know it themselves, but subconsciously that what is happening.
  8. If you believe in magic = if you believe in energy, manifestation, law of attraction and you don’t need anyone to proof any of those to you, you are already in the mind frame to build upon witchcraft. That’s because your soul recognizes its truth.
  9. Food = love natural food and dislikes unnatural food. You might dislike it all but at least you are aware that those unnatural foods deplete and suck your energy. Also you are likely to be vegetarian or vegan, because you believe that the food you eat is energy. You are very energy aware.
  10. Love the weather = love the rain, fascinated by storms & thunder. That’s because you recognize it simple just energy in another form.
  11. You don’t fear death = you don’t believe in dying, you believe in recarniation. The cycle of life.
  12. Past life connection = if you find yourself drawn to ancient civilizations, particular ways of dressing, a particular era, you are probably remembering a past life you had here on earth.
  13. Wolf loner = you always been the odd one, you always spent most of your time by yourself which is probably cause you are sensitive to energies and prefer to spend time with people who are like you.
  14. Hate being fake = you hate being fake, two faced, having to pretend to be someone else. Witched hate this, we can’t be anything else but our true selves.
  15. You attracted to witches and/or you want to be a witch = witchcraft is not selected for few people. Everyone is born with intuition and everyone can practice to enhance their intuition & psychic abilities. Chances are you are a witch and especially if you are still reading this post! 🙂


& here you have it guys, hope you found this post interesting at least!

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