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  1. There are no rules to spirituality just what your heart desires
  2. Being awake doesn’t mean you are enlightened
  3. Being spiritual doesn’t mean being happy and positive 24/7
  4. Being sensitive is not a curse but a gift
  5. You do not have to have a good reason to dislike someone – sometimes your intuition just knows it
  6. You are never EVER ALONE!! you might not see them but they are always by your side, you simply just have to talk to them & ask 🙂
  7. Ego craves company, while our soul craves solitude
  8. Gratitude is key to getting more of what you have
  9. Karma is nothing more than realizing that your actions of yesterday created your today.
  10. Time is the most valuable thing anyone can have, no money in the world can buy it. So Start treating your time with so much more value
  11. We always have two choices in life. LOVE & FEAR. This is applied in every aspect of our life, career, relationships, family and so on. We need to remember that in every single moment, we have two choices to make, fear or love. Let’s say you want to change careers and get out of your comfort zone in order to do what you truly love but you are afraid of change. You have two choices here, allow fear to keep you stuck or take a leap of faith and do what you love and therefore be able to give love back to people around you.
  12. I attract what I am, I attract what I am ready for, I attract what I put into the universe, I attract what I fear, my vibe attracts my tribe, all my relationships are a reflection of me! But I also do attract my opposite. Awareness is key here.
  13. Faith is everything in this uncertain world
  14. Pain is nothing more than you holding into the past or focusing on the future – be present NOW.
  15. The root of suffering is attachment
  16. Without pain & suffering we would not know happiness & peace
  17. Light does not exist without darkness
  18. Meditation speeds up healing
  19. Pay attentions to the signs
  20. There is no such thing as coincidence
  21. Some things do not work out, no because you need to try harder but because the universe is sending you messages that this isn’t for you. Say thank you & change your directions…
  22. Everything is made of energy
  23. Energy is never destroyed always transferred
  24. We never die
  25. Past lives exist
  26. Instead of facing your fears you should dig deep & understand them – that will set you free FOREVER
  27. Heal from your past & forgive those who hurt you not because they deserve it but because you deserve peace.
  28. Disease and poor health is nothing more than a reflection of your emotions and the way you view yourself
  29. Depression is not an disease – it is means of transformation
  30. Religion just like race, is a form of separation

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