Hey everyone, today I will share with you 6 reasons why your spell, magic, ritual whatever mess you are involved in (just kidding) didn’t work 😉

So here we go…

1.You didn’t clear your space = you can not do energy work without clearing the energy around you. This means keeping your space clean physically and energetically using any of the following: sage, salt, crystals & plants.


2. You did not set your circle = when you conduct a ritual you need to create a barrier between you and the physical realm and you need to stay in that circle during your ritual. Anytime you come out of that circle you have allowed other vibrations and energies to enter your circle and affect you spell. So before starting make sure you have all your tools ready and set and avoid leaving the circle if possible.


3. Distractions = your pet, your phone, TV, noise from outside etc. Just make sure you conduct your spell/ritual at a time you are not being distracted by people and noise. The more distractions you have the less you are able to focus and direct your energy toward your work and especially when you do your meditation and visualizations as part of the ritual. The less distractions and interruptions to your work the most powerful your work will be.


4. Low vibration = if you are sad, depressed, tired/exhausted, do not do your spell/ritual. Firstly, its disrespectful and secondly, you are doing it from a low vibration place. Obviously an exception would be if you are doing your ritual to help you with your current mood, but otherwise, try and conduct your work when you feel good and positive about the outcome.


5. Patience = only cause it didn’t work right away doesn’t mean it won’t. Especially if you are beginner and this is your first spell, give it some time. Say you want to manifest money, success, dream job, dream partner, only cause it’s called magic doesn’t mean it will happen overnight! Patience is Key!


6. You don’t believe in Magic = & this is the biggest reason in my opinion. YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC. I am assuming you like the idea of magic & you want to believe in it but you’re not so sure. Well this in itself will affect your spell. Magic is not a quick fix, it is not what you have been shown in movies, the series Charmed and Disney when you were a child. Magic is a PRACTICE. It takes time, work & dedication. & for this all to work you need to believe in it. You can’t conduct a spell and then once it’s done, wonder if this really will work. Or say things like ‘this will be crazy if it works, or I am lucky if this even work….’. It won’t. It will only work if you believe and have faith in it.

Anyways these are top 6 reason why spells & rituals don’t work for many people.

I hope you found this post helpful 🙂

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