I am fascinated, attracted & in love with the idea of Goddesses & so I thought i would write a post on signs you might be a Goddess 😉

There are many signs and many different types of Goddesses, and by saying you’re a Goddess here it is not at all in an arrogant way, it’s just you addressing your natural traits that you were born with.

I believe EVERY woman can become a goddess if she chooses to tap into that divine feminine energy she has within. However some of us have naturally reincarnated with the following Goddess’s traits:

  • You FEEL beautiful without make up or anything on, just you! You know you have inner beauty – a trait every Goddess has and knows 🙂


  • You do not follow trends, you wear what you want, you do what you love, you eat what your soul craves, you do you & not afraid of not fitting with the rest.


  • You LOVE RITUALS!! Everything you do is a ritual, you are aware that everything we are we have manifested, and that every you do in the material world is a manifestation that comes from the invisible.


  • YOU are fascinating – Goddesses are intriguing, they stir emotions in others, not always positive. Goddesses often stir envy, jealous, ego, dislike In other woman. This is not necessarily due to their physical appearance, but something in them that makes them magnetic & beautiful. Have you ever found a woman so attractive and it wasn’t their looks that attracted you to them?


  • Goddesses are free spirit. They are not followers, they are natural leaders. Often rebellious and NEVER EVER follow anyone else’s orders.


  • Physical traits include, ageless beauty – you do not age but get better with time 😉 a Goddess has mastered the secrets to the “Fountain of Youth”. A Goddess takes excellent care of her body not because she is vain but because she knows her body is her temple.


  • Emotional traits, she radiates Kindness, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. She loves and respects all beings including all humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life.


  • A Goddess has qualities everyone is attracted to but can not name ‘it’.


  • A Goddess is wise & knows her truth as she is able to communicate with the Divine Source & receive answers. She is also more than happy to share her wisdom with those who ask.


  • A Goddess has healing powers! That could be though her voice, hands, touch, gaze, & thoughts. She can Channel healing energy to those in needs.


  • A Goddess masters her art but at the same time she is always, learning, growing and transforming.


  • A Goddess is in harmony with Nature’s Cycle, including the seasons & the Moon cycles. She honors and respects Earth & nature and choose to go with its natural flow…


& here you have it ladies, if you are a Goddess you would check all the points, or currently working towards them.

So are you a Goddess or not? and who which Goddess resonates with you the most??

For me its Kali … aspiring to be a Goddess !

The old must be released so the new can enter…

Hope you guys like this post 🙂

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