You’re not sick & you’re definitely not crazy, you’re just psychic! I say this because the first few symptoms & signs that I am going to share will be medical symptoms that have always baffled me and annoyed me to be honest.

For a very long time, I hated the fact that I am too overly sensitive to may thing, since I was a child I suffered from varies allergies and the older I get the longer the list gets…

I can’t have: gluten, dairy, peanuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, certain beans, onions, cabbage, just to name few & for a long time and many years I suffered from asthma, eczema, and hayfever and seasonal allergies. I didn’t get it; my mum would avoid taking me to some places, people’s homes, new cities and when I did go to some where new I would get sick. I also have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, alopecia and Irritable bowel Syndrome, to name few!

Anyways, if you resonate & you can relate to my health struggles, this might be why!

Here is a list of signs that you are psychic NOT sick:

  1. Hypersensitivity – food sensitivity, allergies, intolerances, being overly sensitive to only to your environment but things you put IN and ON your body
  2. Allergies, hay fever, gluten & dairy sensitives – you’re over sensitive because you are build to be this way, to be able to use your sensitivity to tap into your psychic abilities. By the way many of the foods like gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts etc. i believe are not good or suppose to be consumed by any person, however because we have been consuming them since birth a lot of us, have numbed and shut down our immune system response. Fortunately (or unfortunately, which ever way you want to see it) a lot of psychic & empaths, are more sensitive to these chemicals.
  3. Problems with electronics – especially around planetary retrogrades
  4. Overwhelmed in crowded places and small places
  5. You can get a sense of how someone is feeling – if not exactly, atleast know whether they are feelig positive or negative
  6. You are able to do the same as above, with close (lovers, relatives, friends) people to you who are not in your presence, say they are in another country or location. You get a feeling of what they are going through & often if not always you are right.
  7. Are you able to walk into a room and read the energy – if someone just had an argument in the room and you were able to sense it for example
  8. Did you have imaginary friends when you were a child
  9. Do you experience a lot of déjà vu & able to predict things happening – that’s your psychic abilities kicking in
  10. You can sense when someone is talking or thinking about you.
  11. You have felt, seen, heard the presence of a spirits or ghosts
  12. Kids are attracted to you & babies smile or start at you! Love this one!! 🙂
  13. You can sense people’s stories or have an idea of what they have gone through without them telling you
  14. You think a lot of new people you meet look familiar or you feel you know them from before.
  15. You know when your phone is about to ring or can guess who just messaged you
  16. You sometimes feel you are being watched or a presence in the room, when you are in fact the only one
  17. You experience A LOT of synchronicity

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