WARNING – this is going to be a rant!

So let me share some of the New Age bullshit I am hearing too much of these days and what annoys me about it.

Firstly let’s start with the New Age people! Many of which have had a spiritual awakening (mainly from some drug or plant medicine) and now they are woke AF!

Great! Good for you, your now out of the matrix, you have woken up, you see the world for what it is – BUT WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT?! are you helping others, supporting the community, trying to make a difference by simply even having compassion to hear those who are struggling or are you judging everyone who isn’t woke as you?!

Besides walking around trying so hard to be so positive and send love & light to everyone you meet. Talking about meditation, doing yoga, going from one spiritual retreat to another, taking psychedelics etc… I am not against it all, its all great stuff, I do it too, but why is NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THEIR SHADOWS! Why don’t we have more people, talk and addressing our dark side??!! I am I the only one here who thinks, that light doesn’t exist without dark. In fact, what many people don’t realize is that darkness is always ahead of the light!

If you are running around being positive and happy and then crashing into anxiety & insomnia, let me tell you something that’s not the REAL YOU!!!

That’s not BLISS that’s PAIN.

Pain that’s dying to be addressed and natured because guess what whether you like it or not most of us have experienced some sort of trauma when we were a child. Unfortunately many of us are in denial about it, because we don’t want to deal with it. The past is the past right? Hmmmm, no it is not, if it still haunts you today. That inner child in you has grown to become an adult because there is a wound that has not been healed.


Also it annoys me that many of those WOKE people, think they are better than other, especially since they think they know it all now. Let’s not forget that we were stuck in a matrix too at some point…

Also now all of a sudden, they are sharing inspirational love & light quotes! Lovely, I know it’s hard to say something negative about something positive someone posted, but I will. These words on that quote are not your words, these are not your experiences, so let’s stop with hiding how we truly feel behind those quotes – which most of us use to make ourselves feel better in the first place!

*** & here is a lovely quote just for you!! 🙂


Let’s address some of the New age stuff that’s been floating around lately in more depth…

Plant medicine, Ayauascha for instance! If a meet another person telling me that this plant will heal them and release all past traumas, and everything will be fine! I will lose it.

Plant medicine is amazing don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s the way people are using it these days. I see many just chasing the highs and not wanting to experience the low, trust me that shit will get to you eventually so stop running away! I also see many people wanting to gain power through using plant medicine. Really, is this what we want, more power??

I am not just expressing my views about things I’ve heard or saw, this is my own experience with people I’ve met, and I’ve done plant medicine, I’ve done yoga, I’ve done retreats but that shit won’t fix me. I realized I really need to go within and face those shadow ( *** work in progress). I think some of those New Age stuff, is amazing and for me personally ayauascha has highlighted an area I thought I dealt with years ago but in reality I didn’t, I just buried it.

No trauma is going to just disappear with some yoga, a drink or 50 drinks of ayauascha, fasting or meditation. None of that ‘Light’ stuff will make it disappear the only way it will, is through YOU.

Another one is forgiveness – FUCK NO! Forgive? Show compassion? Say that to someone who was abused as a child, and I will personally help them punch you in the face!

Surrender – seriously?! To what have you seen the world around you. There is a fine line, some things we have no choice but to surrender to but other things we have the POWER & CHOICE to do something about. Someone treats you badly, you need to say NO and stand up for yourself. No time for surrender here, this is the time to, SET YOUR BOUNDARIES. *** Can’t roll my eyes enough here – I might go blind!

Yes there are lots of good things that come out of these new age stuff, but it’s a package, at least 50% external & 50% internal – where you have to finish clearing the mess inside  of you.

Most people these days are running around from their shadow, calling themselves spiritual, hippie, free, saying its plant medicine, its natural, I am healing – cut the crap, the only person you are fooling is yourself!

Just find the balance guys & start using your brain!

That’s all I have to share today – need a space to vent my anger!!

Also its my Earth day on the 23rd so I am taking the next 5 days not posting on here, but i will continue my October challenge to post everyday on Youtube, so please do check out my channel & subscribe! Its also a full moon in Taurus on the 24th October, & i’ll share my ritual on Youtube soon so stay Tuned! 🙂



Love & light 

Lots of love, 😉

Arwa X



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  1. Love this one ,that’s the most true we have to know it.
    My new quote will be:No more hidden ,show me the dark and I accept you .
    Thanks alot Arwa🙏🏻💜

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