Hey all & happy full moon! today’s post is on money & so if you do have limiting beliefs when it comes to this area of your life it is a great time to become aware of them & release them on this super full moon night/week! 🙂

Today I am writing about money & abundance, spiritual ways of making money. Now I know some might thing money is a material thing, I don’t really need that much money, but let’s get real, we ALL do need money if we want to live in this world. And wanting to make money shouldn’t make you feel less spiritual, it’s how you plan to make that money that’s important 🙂

To me money is freedom, it’s a necessity for us to survive. Not only does it put a roof on our heads but it also allows us to have the freedom to do what we want, what we like, invest in ourselves and families and many other things.

Here are a list of ways you buy your freedom & create good karma 😉

  1. Solve people’s problems = no one wants problems and everyone will buy a solution if they can. So
  2. Inspire other people = everyone wants to e inspired, we all have our bad days, days where we can’t get out of bed. This is when we turn around to find someone who inspires us.
  3. Provide education to other people = share you knowledge. People are always
  4. Entertain people = remind people to live in the moment, you can make people laugh and remind people to not take life too seriously.
  5. Heal others = health is the most important thing in our lives and the older we get the clearer that becomes. So if you have the gift of healing others, or know ways of helping people heal share it and think of it long term. So create a plan where you can be able to share your gift and help others.

& here you have it, hope you found this post useful 🙂

Lots of love,

Arwa X


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