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Okay, so firstly I want to say I believe we are all psychic, we just do not know it! Yes some of us are naturally having heightened psychic abilities (like the medium and psychic you hear about in real life) but that doesn’t mean that we cannot work towards building our own psychic powers.

There are 4 major intuitive abilities that I would like to mention here first and add that each one of us has one of the 4 as our primary & strongest intuitive ability.

The Four Major Intuitive Abilities are:

  • Clairvoyance: clear seeing. Clairvoyance is an inner seeing.
  • Clairsentience: clear feeling. Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive messages via feelings, emotions, or physical sensations.
  • Clairaudience: clear hearing
  • Claircognizance: clear knowing.


Again, we all have at least one of the 4 abilities to be our primary gift. It might not be so obvious & you will need to practice to develop and strengthen your psychic ability, but one of those will be your primary and the gate way towards developing the rest of the other 3.

You will first need to start with the one that naturally comes to you first and then work your way to the other ones. Or you might just need to focus on the one that is natural to you and slowly with time the other will slowly start to open up! 🙂

This post is my tips to how you can develop your psychic abilities, the list will may be long for some, but you do NOT have to do them all at once, start with few and work your way up. Just make sure that you don’t give up, be patient and keep practicing because it won’t happen overnight. I would also suggest mixing it up every few months & keeping a diary of your progress so you know you have made some progress in your journey! 🙂


Tips in general for all four psychic abilities:

  • Meditation

Meditate everyday for at least 10-20 minutes every day. This is really important as rising your vibration is super important when developing your psychic abilities. I like & recommend guided meditation, if you get bored easily & 3rd eye meditation to help with opening your 3rd eye. Remember 3rd eye is another word for intuition, it doesn’t just mean seeing (aka clairvoyance).


  • Journaling

Journal your journey! Keep a record of what you see, feel, sense, any experiences & thoughts that come to mind when meditating & perhaps throughout the day.  This requires some work, but you will be grateful you did when you look back and read your notes after months & years later 🙂 we always underestimate how much progress we have made & fail to see how far we have come, as we focus so much on the destination & not the journey!


  • Ask for help

Connect with you spirit guides, angels & ask for help. Yes ask them to help you! & be more specific. There are things in life we do not fully understand and therefore we must ask for help from those who do – in this case it is no other than your spirit team. So you could ask them to show you (vision) X in my dream, or give me a sign. Or you could ask them to tell you (hearing) the answer to your question and so on.


  • Dream journal

Keep a dream journal next to your bed! We often do forget our dreams right away upon waking up & if remembered doesn’t last long. So keep a journal by your bedside & make notes of what you see, as we often do get our answers through our dreams & spirits like to communicate to us when we are still & quiet! hence why meditation is so important, it is when we get the most answers channeled to us.


  • Keep your vibration high

I wrote I blog post on how to raise your own vibration & your home/space, check it out here 🙂


  • Eat high vibration foods

If possible stay away from animal products, I will not try and convince you here to turn vegetarian/vegan but just realize that when you consume animal products, you are also taking in all the negative emotions (fear, sadness, pain, trauma) that animal went through in their lifetime & especially when they were taken to the slaughter house to be killed for you! Energy is never destroyed but simply transferred.


  • Practice tarot or other angel cards

Got obsessed with these lately, after my friend Laura introduced me to them & did my first reading for me! 😉 But it is an amazing way to practice your interpretation and meaning of cards & symbols and an excellent way to communicate with spirits from the other side. Just make sure you always sage, meditate & call in spirits of the highest form before conducting your readings.


  • Spend time in nature

I am guilty of this one! But seriously, we need the sun to simply recharge every no and then, daily if possible. Even if you live in a city I am pretty sure you can go to a park and sit under a tree for few minutes a day 😉


  • Practice psychometry

Super fun & a great practice to work on testing & trusting your senses 🙂


  • Crystals

Use crystals to open the Third Eye. Crystals are a GREAT way to open your third eye chakra. there are tons of crystals out there, go to a store & try and pick the ones you are attracted to first & then check out what they are good for. I think you will find that the ones that you are attracted to are the ones you need 🙂


  • Read psychic development books

Or youtube videos if you’re lazy like me! *** with speed doubled! cause no one got time to sit around all day and watch videos 😉 lol


  • Practice seeing Auras

Another fun way to train your 3rd eye


  • Talk to your pet

Yes yes yes!!!! these beautiful creatures might not speak our language, but seriously you will find that you can still communicate by tuning in 🙂


  • Practice telepathy

With a friend makes it easier. There are tons of videos on YouTube telling you how to practice. Don’t expect it to work right away, all these tips take time, patience and effort 🙂

& here you have it my psychic friends! I hope you found these tips helpful & interesting, if you have any more share them with us please!

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Lots of love,

Arwa X

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  1. Love it . And thanks for the shout out ha ha. Made me think- I have lots of crystals but never really sure how to make best use of them. Are you planning to write anything more specifically about crystals ? X

    1. you’re the second person who asks about crystals! so i’ll add it to my list & definitely write about it in the future 🙂

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