20 things that happen to you after a spiritual awakening…..

  1. You are not who you thought you were
  2. You get glimpses of bliss
  3. You forgive people more easily
  4. You learn that love is more than just an emotion
  5. You become extremely sensitive – to the energies around you, to food, place, people, weather & planetary changes!
  6. You become obsessed with learning & talking about consciousness, alternate states, psychic powers, dimensions, healing, chakras etc.
  7. You start to see patterns in your life & break those that no longer serve you
  8. You experience a lot of synchronicities
  9. You hate small talk & shallow conversations
  10. You become aware & understand fully the law of attraction & how it works
  11. You learn to let go of shit!
  12. You cut toxic people & things out of your life
  13. You learn that being present in the now sets you free
  14. You become obsessed with balancing your chakras! we don’t need doctor visits anymore, where is my reiki healer at?! lol
  15. You finally embrace your sensitivity and see it as a blessing & not a curse!
  16. You realize that you are never ever alone
  17. You do not fear death anymore
  18. You realize how your beliefs have shaped your perceptions
  19. You realize we are all connected – we are all one
  20. Everything is alive – you realize everything has a life & as a result the way you treat EVERYTHING changes to the better.. 🙂

& here you have it, I hope you liked and enjoy this post 🙂 If you do like, share & comment!!

Lots of love,

Arwa X



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